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If You Voted For Obama, You Owe Me

I've got a feelin'

This is part of a series by Illustr8r of iOwnTheWorld. They're not in order, but you can sift through Illustr8r's posts to see the other installments of the series here.

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I am NOT Doing Pre-Electile Victory Gloating, I'm Just Sayin' This...

I've got a feelin'

This is sort of a sequel to this cartoon

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Conservative Satire Headlines November 1, 2010

Rumors that Pelosi may retire if Dems lose congress causes rush of wax museums bidding to have her join their collection.

GOP remains unfazed by early voting numbers giving edge to Dems from felons, deceased, and fictional characters.

Christine O'Donnell makes closing argument to vote for her because "witchcraft is more believable than Marxism"

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How America Went From Dems Being 'A New Day' to 'RUN AWAY!'

How did Democrats go from "its a new day" to "run away, run away" in just two years?

Basically, 2008 was like going to a car dealership because your 2000 model was about to be discontinued, and the few parts that actually made it work would've been impossible to come by. Besides, it had been breaking down constantly for the last two years (it also wanted you to let people who were in the car illegally drive it until it could come up with a way to give them their own car with your taxes)

Being disillusioned with cars in general, the salesman at the dealership directs you to a new make and model that turns out to be the most beautiful car in the lot. Its black with red upholstery, and in spite of the fact that even the manufacturer had never test driven it EVERYONE wanted one.

While you inspect it you hear the engine rev up something fierce even though the key wasn't in the ignition. You think thats pretty weird, but you look past that because it looks like a REALLY sweet ride, and you REALLY need a car that will get you from point A to point B. Also, you've never had one that came with teleprompters before!'re sold! The dealer tries to show you a model that has been around longer, is proven on the road, and is married to a popular car from the 90's, but much like it's husband you're not interested in driving that model anymore.

So you buy the black car with the red interior with a four year loan of $4 trillion. About 6 months in to the love affair you find that the damn thing NEVER stops revving it's engine, everywhere you go it revs up so everyone will look. What you used to think was kind of cool is now obnoxious. You start to think your new car is a bit of an attention whore. Also, you hate how it constantly bows before foreign built cars and offers you health insurance...or else.

Now you want to take it back to the dealer to see if there's a way to fix the problems. They refuse at first because they never gave you a receipt for your purchase and that would disqualify you from the warranty on the car. To make matters worse the dealer also informs you that the pink slip looks like a forgery and that you might want to get that checked out.

After some haggling over a cup of tea the dealer agrees to at least run a diagnostic on the car, and they figure out what the problem're a racist.

Then you're told that if you try to get rid of it they'll climb over fences, parachute over walls, and interrupt Botox parties to force you to take it back. So you're stuck with this sour socialist lemon of a car for at least 4 years.

While feeling a complete sense of despair over this you learn that while you can't get rid of the car, you can change dealerships so you can, at a minimum, try to change the way the car operates. New motor oil, a better smelling air freshener, a bumper sticker that says YOU LIE! Little things here and there until you can trade it in for something better...way better.

And THAT is how you blow up a Democrat majority faster than Joe Biden with a lighter trying to figure out TNT.

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For Halloween Obama Should Be Something Cool...Like...


Become a fan on Facebook of Next Halloween Obama should be something REAL president!<----here

Happy Halloweeen! (yeah yeah, this is a repost from last March, but now its in season :-D )

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Pelosi's Halloween Costume

I brought this post back for the Halloween festivities!

GREAT conservative webcomic...Day By Day

I love the cleverness...

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The Only Obama Bumper Sticker I Would Put On My Car...

Welcome To Dhimmy Land

h/t iOwnTheWorld. Add a comment Actually Helps The GOP With This Video

Now I know where that ridiculous "Republicorp" sign MoveOn's Lauren Valle (the girl that got stomped) tried to shove in Rand Paul's face came from. If you have no other reason to vote for the GOP to totally thump the left on election day, just watch this...

...............I know, I feel stupidester too. I'm embarrased for them. I feel sorry for them. This video is

The nicest thing I can say about it is if it was trying to be satire it failed miserably, and they really REALLY need to say it is satire.

If they wanted people to be persuaded to their point of view they should have focused on ridiculing what they think is wrong with the GOP, not create some over the top cartoonish reality that makes them look so Looney Tunes that the only choice is to vote for the adults in this election cycle...and if it ain't them its going to be, rightly or wrongly, the GOP by default.

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How Liberal Robots Argue

Spot on and shockingly gripping and entertaining.

h/t iOwnTheWorld

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