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Biden Laments On What Osama's Death Means For Birthers

Remember, there is never a situation where "insert Biden joke here" wont work.

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Giving Credit Where It's Due On Osama bin Laden's Death

I found this in my surfing for what happened with the demise of the most wanted man in history other than Hitler...

We have to give credit where it's due. Osama bin Laden was "had" on Obama's watch. YES, I know the it was the military's good work that got the SOB, but Obama is the commander-in-chief. He obviously had to know what was going on with this operation. So the animation isn't really all that out of line.

Nonetheless, I know this pushes some buttons with my conservative friends. I didn't create that animation, my DNA has a fail safe mechanism that would shut my body down before I could even conceive creating it.

That said, we definitely don't want to forget the coattails Obama rode into this victory for America. So I fixed it...

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Remember The Controversy Over Burning The Quran?

Well, BigFurHat over at iOwnTheWorld has a friendly reminder of the liberal perspective on that in a post he titled "Leftist Logic Dictates That Killing bin Laden Is Stupid and Dangerous"...

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Osama Bin Laden is FINALLY Dead

After almost 10 long years, the victims of 9-11 have justice. See the ABC News Story here.

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Deferring to McCain's Judgment On Trump..

Trump stumpers take note, here's a headline today from CBS news.

McCain: Trump not a "serious" candidate.

Arizona Sen. John McCain on Sunday brushed off the idea that Donald Trump could be perceived as a "serious" Republican presidential contender, arguing that while the business magnate seemed to be "having a lot of fun," the GOP had "very serious" candidates in the field who would be focusing on more serious issues.

(click the headline for the story)

McCain knows exactly what he's talking about takes one to know one.

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A Modest Proposal to Help Mitt Romney with his "Hang Obama" Gaffe

Oh ho ho boy did Mitt Romney step in it now!

Oh man! Did you get that? He wants to hang Barack Obama....from a tree....while wearing starched bed sheets. Yup, that's what he said!

Orwell.....I mean....Or, well, what I mean is I saw this Huffington Post story, and then I saw these tweets posted at Legal Insurrection, then I put 2 and 2 together and kept coming up with 5....which is how it felt...and 4 out of 5 public school teachers can't be wrong!

I'm not surprised by this at all, he hails from Massachusetts a state that gave us Barney Frank. That guy is so racist that when picking a minority status he decided he'd rather be gay.

So here's my modest proposal, lets just completely destroy the word "hang." By "lets" I mean "me." You don't even have to do anything. I plan on doing it singlehandedly by taking the following:

In There
Don't Leave Me

By my count that is 12 terms or parts of words/terms that use "hang" or "hanging" in it. I'm going to adopt 12 black children from Africa, and each of them are going to be named one of these 12 terms. Then, anytime anyone uses the "harmless" (but WE know better) slang they are associated with I'm going to make them regret they were ever born...because I'm going to tweet about it.

Am I overreacting to this? Um, no! I think Mitt Romney is under-reacting to his racist tendencies. Remember people, denial is the first sign you have a problem, and Mitt has only admitted (clearly) that he is sensitive to how people might perceive his problem.

Oh, by the way, don't worry about me actually getting 12 African kids, I've been searching for a long time for an excuse to wear take this shirt there...

See Mitt? There's a silver lining in every cloud!


Man, this post would give me Greek philosopher status, if only this were a liberal blog. Alas, I'm not a card carrying member of the Pee Wee Herman "I know you are but what am I" wing of American politics.


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A Looney Tunes Political Warning From The Past?

Half black, half white, his heart is in Europe and everything about him stinks.....

If you don't see it click the image for the reveal :-)

If for some reason THAT doesn't work (as I've been informed) then click here

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Trump Sets Up For the Punchline That He's Not Going To Run

So THIS is how he was going to get out of it...

Real estate mogul and reality TV star Donald Trump unleashed an f-bomb-laced attack on President Obama and Washington politics Thursday night during a speech that likely won't help him win the family-values vote should he decide to run for president.

More at Fox News

Remember the fit we had when Biden dropped one? I repeat...ONE f-bomb! And he's just the punch in the face that's supposed to make us forget how crappy Obama is.

This display of asshattery is a clear sign that he is trying to whip people up and suddenly look infinitely (and intentionally) undesirable to even the most glassy eyed Trump stumpers out there.

This is the exit stage left he needs to quell the cynics who always see through the fact that this man never does anything that doesn't promote something that's tattooed Trump. He made waves about Obama to help himself.

F***ed if I know

Could I be wrong about all of this, you betcha! But do you think McDonald's employees get hired dropping f-bombs in their interviews?

The only mitigating factor in this is that he called our leaders "stupid." Yeah, he might as well have said water is wet. But that does help keep his potential street team tethered to him.

Also, I'm no English major, but if he includes Biden in that statement then I'm pretty sure that's a double negative, and he should be thrown in grammar jail. Maybe even solitary confinement, so he and that hair of his can think about the ridiculousness of what they've done.

And if there's any time left after that he can dwell on the double negative stuff too.

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Haikus About The Royal Wedding

I haven't done any Haikus in a while, so why not pick a topic I couldn't care less about?


The Royal Wedding
Obama didn't go 'cuz
Tee time, not tea time

FLOTUS couldn't go
She didn't care to because
It wasn't in Spain

Is it just me or
The Queen makes Barney Frank's best
Halloween costume

William has his bride!
Yeah yeah so when does Prince Charles
Get to be the King?

Will and Catherine
The only Royals I care for?
Try Kansas City

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Hip Hop Economics: Keynes vs Hayek

This is a real gem of a

It's a rappers duel over economic theory...and it's sort of awesome/genius.

.h/t iOwnTheWorld

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