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Biden Helps Fix Part of the Debt Problem

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The One Palin Email the Media Wont Show You...

The scouring over, and live blogging of Palin's emails from her time as governor is easily one of the most pathetic things I've seen the media do in my adult life thus far. I couldn't think of a more blatant attempt to distract from real stories, such as Weinergate (and that we now know he tweets to 17 year olds too), or the fall of the Obama's bin Laden bounce....

In any case, for the foreseeable future we'll hear from them all things Palin. Maybe they'll even find a recipe for moose gravy. Maybe they'll find themselves in a position to hide something like this...

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What Happened to Obama's bin Laden Bounce?

Even in polls like The Washington Post's Obama's are numbers back under 50%...the reason is simple...

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Alec Baldwin's Preoccupation With Weiner

I love 30 Rock, it's a brilliantly hilarious show. I don't like Alec all...but I love him on that show.

That's why I wish he'd just shut up and act...

Weiner is a modern human being. So he ensnared himself in things that modern humans do. When I first heard about his problems, I snickered and made jokes, too. Now, I'm sad for him, his family, his district and his colleagues.

Let he who is without sin.....

If you must, the rest is at The Huffington Post

Let me finish that for you Alec....CAST THE FIRST STONE? Is this really on the same level of Jesus admonishing the Pharisees against a penalty of death for an adultress? Why even bother writing an entire column about it, its obviously the only real thing he had to say..."if you've even so much as jaywalked then shut your hole."

I know he's trying to capture the spirit of the quote, liberals are really good at that, it's how we glean a right to abortion out of the 4th amendment. By the way, how does a shill for PETA feel about infanticide?

I personally have cast a lot of stones at Weiner over this, but I DON'T WANT TO END HIS LIFE! I just want him to find a new that doesn't put the public trust and treasure at his mercy.

I'm hardly alone on this, even the Democrats are starting to circle the wagon around the guy. I'm not sure if they're doing it for PR reasons or this is just a bunch of extreme lefties who think even Prius's leave too big of a carbon footprint....either way, wagons are being circled.

I could ask the rhetorical question why Baldwin is choosing to be the one guy to excuse this degenerate, but we already know its because he views himself a man of vision who doesn't see a degenerate, but rather an everyman who merely needs cybersex to take the edge off his day (that was the point of his article, by the way).

I choose a glass of wine, or that like cheating on my wife? What if I was addicted to "buttery nipple" shots?

Alex Baldwin isn't really asking us to forgive and forget how gross Weiner is, he's telling us that only his beautiful mind sees Weiner for the Joe-Six-Pack he really is. So the rest of us losers need to hop on board the "tweet your dick to a stranger" bandwagon Baldwin is conducting, lest we get stuck in Squaresville with other normal....hopefully I can say this without vomiting....Americans.

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Newt Gingrich Implodes, and Conservative Wisdom on Weiner's Marriage

While it hasn't been all Weiner all the time, I really do need to move on to more important how Newt Gingrich might want to cancel any future vacations until he's as certain as we are he will never win the GOP nomination for president.

Really Newt? Why are you going to Greece NOW. Is Paul Ryan over there trying to help them out, and begging for party poopers to join him? Was not eating the deposit on your cruise worth punting a run for president?

Wow, I was once a huge fan of him running too.....sigh......Ok, back to Weiner.


The friend at Free Republic, SERKIT, who inspired this post for me shared that he is on a roll inspiring conservative bloggers following this quote regarding Weiner's marriage.

A wedding where a Jew is marrying a Muslim, officiated by an impeached President...What could go wrong?"

h/t OpiniPundit.

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Top 10 Bombshells About Anthony Weiner

I've got to be honest, I'm ready to talk about something else....but this SOB brought it back to the forefront by admitting he did, in fact, Tweet his junk. Then he releases the bombshell that his wife is now I'm not done yet either...


10. His birth certificate shows his real first and middle names, respectively, are Oscar and Mayer...

9. He hates smart phones because they often refuse to send out his pictures.

8. Even though he's a committed Mets fan, he has been repeatedly caught "liking" The Yankees on Facebook.

7. He was one of the before models for Extense...and the only adult they ever hired for that job.

6. Every mistress, even the ones who only tweeted with him once, has received a copy of Norton's antivirus.

5. There's a rock solid reason he never shares his "tic tacs."

4. He once described his "unit" as "the only conservative bone" in his body.

3. He paid a video game company to make a computer generated version of himself that could have sex with Lara Croft...she turned him down.

2. As a teen he exposed himself so much his female classmates referred to him as "The Big Apple."

1. Weiner owns the patent to Shake Weight.



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How Weiner Gets in Shape

Weiner exercising with his equipment...

He does so many reps I can see how he builds muscle, but I don't understand why he needs a Shake Weight in the other hand...

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Weiner's Wife Is Pregnant

Yup, its true. His wife has a little Weiner in the oven...and that's how babies are made.

Somebody had to say it! :-)

Seriously though, way to rain on the parade of joy such news is supposed to bring, Anthony. Even writers of Spanish telenovelas aren't this cruel. At least it wont be yet another lie when he says he wants to spend more time with his family...I think... me...this twist just gave me whiplash.

h/t Memeorandum


I texted my wife the news, this is how the conversation went

    Wife: Oh no, that's sad.

    Me: Unbelievably bad timing.

    Wife: There's never a good time to get knocked up by a DB.

You don't have to tell me how lucky I am to have her...I know. At least he cant impregnate the internet. Imagine all the anchor babies we'd have....hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.... :-/ ( that was a VERY bad html coding joke)

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Weiner Should Resign and Endorse Credit Cards For Liberals

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A Modest Proposal to Revive Obama's Branding

USA Today has an article about the need for Obama to revive his brand for the 2012 election. He lost control of it.

I'm not quite sure what that means....

But he needs to find a way to trick people again, and being half way done with his first term, "change" ain't gonna do it for him, because he'd either be asking us to change from him, or asking us to fork over what's left of our money to him.

This was inevitable. The entire campaign was built on a bill of goods, and while conservatives knew back then his rhetoric couldn't deliver results (back then = Karl Marx's birthday) the "no-news junkies" in this joint we call America are starting to figure it out.

If Obama needs a rebrand that will reenergize the country after he powered them in 2009 with a half dead battery, then I have a modest proposall that he goes with what has truly always

It works because in the end he's really selling a lifestyle, and nothing makes wallowing in the left's fecal politics more appealing than naked chicks who dig it.

Does PETA send in the army of unshaven, birkenstock-clad, foot soldiers when they want people to crave vegan food? No! They send in the hot naked chicks to convince people that delicious A1 should really be nothing more than a BINGO square at the Biden household.

Sex works. No other brand will get you the recognition you need better. Think about how until last week only hard-core political junkies and his constituents knew who Anthony Weiner was. Now the question on the lips of the formerly ignorant isn't who he is, but why the news media keeps forgetting to tell us his last name.

This could be a real coup for presidential politics. Instead of putting time, effort, and money into faking substance you could just send out girls who wear nothing except Obama 2012 stickers over their nipples

Ok, not her....

Really though, think about makes sense. Just imagine all of the double entendre and/or innuendo-filled slogans that can fuel a campaign that breaks all the rules like it did in 2008....


    Nobody whacks balls more...

    I'm not calling at 3AM to give you hope.

    Taking Responsibility: I like big BUTS and I cannot lie...

    Who wants four more years of me hikin' taxes and bashin' Bush?

    Havin' a 3-way with the Nanny and The State

    The economy is giving me flacid flashbacks.

    Your mom....I'd tax that.

    From Capitalism to Communism: I'll take America to Viagra Falls

    Ask your psychiatrist if you suffered from Premature Immaculatation.

Sure these slogans are more honest than they are flattering, but thats ok because sex clouds our ability to judge anyway. If it didn't we'd be saying "former" Congressman Weiner by now.

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