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Wait, Democrats Aren't Vile?

House Democrats lined up to excoriate GOP Rep. Allen West on Wednesday after he sent an incendiary email to the Democratic party chairwoman calling her "vile" and "not a lady." 

Story here

I'm failing to see the problem....

Vile – adjective, vil·er, vil·est.
1. wretchedly bad: a vile humor.
2. highly offensive, unpleasant, or objectionable: vile slander.
3. repulsive or disgusting, as to the senses or feelings: a vile odor.

In math if you take a negative number and multiply it by another negative number, you get a positive number. Following that logic I'm surprised liberals haven't abandoned "progressive" for this label yet...I mean, if Democrats took their name and applied it to "vile" not only would they free up energy they would otherwise use trying to hide that they're not, but instead of ruining the meaning of words they may actually rehab one for once.

People hunger for honesty in politics, Democrats have a golden opportunity here. If they took it sooner Anthony Weiner might still be a Congressman.

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Obama Demonstrates Why GOP Shouldn't Call His Bluff

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz Isn't a Lady?

During debate over "Cut Cap and Balance," and after breaking decorum by speaking ill of him after he left the room Allen West really let Debbie Wasserman Schultz have it. Here is the money shot...

You have proven repeatedly that you are not a Lady, therefore, shall not be afforded due respect from me!

See the entire email West launched at her at The Other McCain

Liberals are beside themselves about this email, you can see what they have to say here and here. Or you can decide for yourself...

What a speech! I think the only other place you would find more original thought is in plagiarism.

I've got to say, I'm not seeing a whole lot of quacking like a duck, "she" sounds like Kermit the Frog on testosterone therapy, and is even dressed like Kermit! Also, "she" was doing a lot of weird mouth twisting and eye movements like something was up her rear end controlling her movements.

I think Rep. West made a good call on this.

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No More Shouting At Obama, The Teleprompters Can't Hear Anyway

Obama doesn't like being shouted at, because the sound waves rupture his thin skin. I don't see the use of shouting questions at him anyway. He's not hard of hearing, he's tone deaf.

Questions directed at him should address that more than anything...

    Mr. President, how much of the strategic oil reserves you want released will go to gassing up Air Force One for the First Lady's vacations?

    Would you consider Libya the mother of all sand traps?

    We know the First Lady wants us to eat healthier so there can be more of the good stuff for her, but will you please assure your base there is no plan to regulate consumption of Kool-aid?

    Were you for gay marriage before you were against it? Because that seems a lot like wrapping the scarf before popping the collar. So for clarity to the gay community, and to paraphrase Lady were born which way?

    Are you only mad that Republicans predictably call your bluff because the Arab world does it so much?

    Which parties do you want us to cover you attending to mark the default on U.S. debt?

    Do Democrats shun wearing the Christian cross because they're vampires that suck on the blood of capitalism?

    If you dumped Vice President Biden for a more competent appearing Andrew Cuomo wouldn't that constitute letting a crisis go to waste?

    If polls show a generic Republican beating you, shouldn't your main election strategy be to just switch parties?

In any case, there's that and more from today's Newsbusted.

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Liberalism's Real Plan To Fix The Deficit

Fix the deficit with a Democrat pawn shop

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More Reasons People Should Be A Democrat

A continuation of a post I did about Reasons People Should Be a Democrat. I found a few that the College Democrats missed....


I'm a Democrat because conservatives think God created man and as an artist I resent the competition.

I'm a Democrat because I like being the cause of an Obamanation.

I'm a Democrat because is Karl Marx is an intellectual immigrant who resides in my brain.

I'm a Democrat because I want to stop global warming so Obamanable Snowmen don't go extinct.

I'm a Democrat because hope is a four-letter word.

I'm a Democrat because bureaucratic inefficiency is a terrible thing to waste.

I'm a Democrat because toilet paper use should be limited to one square, even if we liberals need an entire roll sometimes.

I'm a Democrat because emo kids need a hero.

I'm a Democrat because the Toyota Prius needs a market.

I'm a Democrat because I believe the ACLU needs to ally itself with an organization less scandalous than NAMBLA, and we're the right men women people creatures women for the job.

I'm a Democrat because money isn't going to confiscate itself.

I'm a Democrat because I don't think debt is a four-letter word.

I'm a Democrat because of the party's clarity on how the right to marry should be extended to anyone who loves anyone, except polygamists, or small children, or most animals.

I'm a Democrat because fur is murder, and a human fetus doesn't have that, so viva Planned Parenthood!

I'm a Democrat because everyone with a gun should be a criminal, and cops are pigs.

I'm a Democrat because the Constitution is a living document and should be treated as such....and by our calculations it would probably be undeserving of care under the healthcare system we want to have.

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It Only Gets Worse If Accusations Of Stupidity Come From Biden

It's been a while since I've given Michael Ramirez props, this cartoon shows why he so richly deserves it...

See more of his work here.

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Is Independent Conservative Blogging Dead?

This post is going to be a bit of a departure from the days normal business of goofing on liberals, even if they never take a vacation from being goofy...

Today at Right Wing News John Hawkins (who shared my Obama baby picture I recently posted here) asks, and sort of answers a question that has loomed in my mind since The Looking Spoon started.

From today's post The Slow, Painful Coming Death Of The Independent, Conservative Blogosphere...

Bloggers have asked me: So what's the strategy to deal with this?

Really, it's simple: Get big or go home.

Find a way to dramatically increase the size of your blog, expand into multiple websites that together are big, hook up with someone who's already big, or accept that there isn't much of a future in a small, niche market for you. Maybe that sounds a little grim, but unless something changes, independent conservative bloggers who haven't already made it big don't have a bright future.

See the entire post, here

The reaction to this has been fairly mixed, but as one of those small blogs I see exactly what he's saying.

I work, I have a family, even if I had the resources to make and break news I don't have the time to devote to actually doing it. Thanks to skill sets not seen too much on the conservative side of thing, namely a sense of humor, and professional grade Photoshop skills, I've staked my claim on trying to become a kind of third rail (but in a good way) to the news blogs on one side, and the punditry on the other side of the tracks.

Truth be told my traffic isn't anything to write home about, but I most definitely have better numbers now than I did a year ago, which were much better from the year before that, but that's not saying too much either.

Given the total inability to compete with conservative blogs that break stuff faster than a liberal in charge of guarding the Constitution, I don't know if The Looking Spoon can or should continue in it's current form. The feeling that I got into the game a little too late haunts my sense of motivation to endure 4-5 hours of sleep (that are constantly interrupted by my baby daughter) every night.

That said, I'm not giving up.

I can't give up. Not because of pride, but because of a sense of duty to fight for preserving the identity that has made America great the only way I know how. The founding fathers had the Federalist Papers. Today, to the chagrin liberals, we have an internet that spawned modern day Paul Reveres in the form of conservative bloggers.

A few really bright lights are great and necessary, but (in my opinion) it needs the myriad of smaller lights to support it. If anyone doubts me just remember that in 2008 tens of millions of 40 watt bulbs (still waiting to be switched on) elected the biggest leadership head fakes this country has ever seen.

Or maybe they were more like moths to a nuclear flame, but then the points of light analogy falls apart unless I start saying the big conservative blogs are like big cans of Raid, but that type of imagery inspires as much hope for victory as an invitation to a White House fast food eating contest.

If for no other reason, smaller blogs are always needed, not only to let the voiceless know that they are not alone, but also to affirm there is nothing elite about conservatism, or the ability to give its message, that is or should be limited to the Townhalls or Redstates.

That may sound like pie in the sky idealism, but it's better than what I had before I started, which coincidentally shares its distinction with Emperor Obama's wardrobe....a whole lot of nothing.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have my next post to think about....those liberals aren't going to satirize themselves.

h/t iOwnTheWorld for the image.

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More Evidence Google Is In The Tank For Liberals

We know that the powers that be at Google are huge libs, and support Dems almost exclusively. I was curious to see what I would find if I Googled "Democraps," this is what came up...

Stop trying to "correct" me...Google...

I did that in the first place because I was particularly interested to see if I would find results for this post I did from last year that featured one of my new versions of the Democrats new logo...

Anyway, you can get Democraps t-shirts (here) and on stickers (here) at my online store.

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If The Boogeyman Was Republican, It Could Beat Obama

A new poll finds, again, that a generic Republican would be Obama next year.

The left's reaction to this will be typical....

"That right-wing conspiracy has that Scott Rassmussen guy locked in that crackpot John Hannity's basement. I might be atheist, but that doesn't mean we can't believe in Satan, and every time they put a poll out that "confirms" people don't like Obama one of his spawn gets wings.

Man, this already is a super unrealistic portrayal of liberals, I'm pretty sure Satan doesn't bother them....sorry, I'll keep trying...

The next thing you'll know Scott Assmuffin, (I know that's gaycist, but I can't help it), will probably say that Obama only got 53% of the vote in 2008, and everyone I know voted for him, so that's impossible. Why would anyone want to vote for a Republican after 8 years of Bush anyway, the only Bush I would vote for president is the one that gets to work spreading the wealth after burning her bra.

Basically these corporate teat sucking fetus loving sycophants want to fool the world into thinking that if the Boogeyman himself was Republican he could beat Obama.

What's that? No I'm pretty sure it's John Hannity, I know because my favorite blog at the Daily Kos said his name was John. Between that and the Daily Show who needs a corporatist enemy of the state like Faux News." Two sides to every story my foot, does a coin toss need two sides? Besides who doesn't use doubled headed coins these days?

Speaking of that, I'd tell you how I really feel about all of this, but I haven't turned on MSNBC yet.

The poll is from Gallup, but that's what they'll say.

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