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A Pregnancy Test For Liberals

Last month I did a piece about how America was punished with a baby.

iOwnTheWorld takes it a step further....

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The Secret To Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Suckcess

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You Know What? Republicans Are Like Legos...

Here is the latest gem of wisdom from DNC Debbie Wasserman Scultz, the same woman who said Obama turned the economy around...

"The president is in actually remarkably good shape given that he is still struggling to help pull our economy out of the Republican recession that he inherited. His numbers are still strong; he still has widespread support," Wasserman Schultz responded. "If anyone is in trouble, it is the Republican Party..."

"Right now, they have a collection of candidates for president who are busy trying to out-right wing each other," Wasserman Schultz said of the GOP field. "Essentially they are all so similar that they might as well be Legos, they are that interchangeable."

From CBS News

Has this woman ever been to a Lego store? What's so "interchangeable" about the Legos that built all of these...

So, basically, Legos are awesome, and her comparison isn't really all that off the mark.

Especially that last one. That's right libs, Legos can be used to make the Mona Lisa. Unlike the skill set needed to become a Democratic nominee for President, this is something that takes talent. Also, the parts needed to make that happen are as interchangeable as...well...

Little Debbie rips on Legos because they're above her paygrade.

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At Least Obama Has A Record To Run On In 2012

You can get this design on t-shirts (here) at my online store.

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There's Definitely No Recession At The Food Stamp Office

It's still not clear if "double dip" refers to something that can be purchased with them, or something that's encouraged to try to conserve how many food stamps are issued....because conservation is soooooo realistic for liberal welfare Santas.

There's that, and more from today's Newsbusted.

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Look Who Else Isn't Eating Obama's Dog Food

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Obama's Trading Places Fantasy

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Something To Remember When The Debt Seems Overwhelming...

If we can conquer that, we can lick our fiscal woes too.

It kind of looks like Washington is trying to show them the door, that or he's winding up to smack them all.

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What Really Happened With The Wisconsin Recall

Lets keep this really simple so liberals can keep up.

So it looks like the final score goes something like: Good guys 4, bad guys 2...

Last time I checked that's a spanking, so maybe that fist should open up while libs assume the position.

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