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Should You Trust Those Who Don't Support The Second Amendment?

Found on Facebook...

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Obama Does A Pretty Good Julie Andrews...

Repost from 2010...

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How People View The Mainstream Media

Click the image for a larger version if some of the squares are tough to make out.

Check out the other 6 picture meme I did about Obama here.

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A Chart That Clearly Demonstrates The Financial Benefits Of ObamaCare...

...and who the beneficiary is...

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Health Care Reform Is Still A BFD?!?

So President Obama is apparently endorsing this as something appropriate for a president to peddle...

Here is my humble rebuttal...

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How Liberals Like To Break The Ice

Check out other installments of the liberal pickup lines series here  here and here

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This Is Probably Hanging Somewhere In Pelosi's Office

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The Only Etch-A-Sketch America Needs To Worry About

We know about the Romney etch-a-sketch gaffe and that Santorum thinks Obama would be better than Romney.

Well, I like Rick, but bless his heart on this one.

There's only one Etch-a-sketch I care about this year...

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Rare Photo Of Bush With Obama At His Inauguration?

Found this on Facebook...if only...

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A Prediction On What Hillary Clinton Will Be Next Halloween

Answer is in the dot of the "?"

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