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What Toy Represents The Presidential Candidates?

From Michael Ramirez

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Dueling Obama-Biden Facepalms

Repost from 2010

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Six Points Of View On Government Work

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What If The IRS Got Into Fashion Design?

Tis the tax season...

That's a real the way :-(

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Magic Can't Fix Stupid


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Describing Socialism In A Way Kids Can Understand

Found on Facebook...

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I'm Not Sure How April Fools Is Different From Every Other Day...

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Defeat The Commie Mommies!

If you want a practice vote for defeating liberals in November here is a fun opportunity:

Go to and vote for the top political mom of 2012.

A friend of The Looking Spoon's, The Lonely Conservative ( is now in 2nd place behind a leftist mom. Lets fix that!

There are other conservative moms on the list, Michelle Malkin and Pamella Geller to name a couple, you can vote for them too!

You can vote once a day, and there are 4 days left! So share, tweet, vote, and do it all over again tomorrow.


(P.S. I stole the title for this post from Lonely Conservative)

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ObamaCare Doesn't Cure Anything

From OMG! For America

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Spelling Out How Liberals Are A Joke

A = Anarchy
P = Planned Parenthood
I = Pagan symobol
L = Canadian Liberal Party

F = Communist Fist (modified)
O = Obama
O = Peace
L = Loser
S = Scientology

D = Democrats
A = Atheism
Y = Communism

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