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Stronger Men Tend To Be Conservative

The UK Telegraph recently did a story titled "Strong men more likely to vote Conservative". Is anyone surprised by that connection?

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I Always Knew Liberalism Was Toilet Politics...

Sent to me by Twitter user @mperkins37. You can check out his graphic design site at

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Biden's Idea Of A Leading Constitutional Scholar

True story...

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Why There Should Be No Sympathy For Public Sector Unions...

Found at iOwnTheWorld.

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An Obama-Biden Anagram

It's not technically an anagram, but it's close enough. I did a real anagram not too long

Found on Facebook.

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Is It Crazy To Suggest Democrats In Congress Might Be Communist?

Got that? Since 1988 The Communist Party in America hasn't even bothered to field their own candidate, they decided they'd be better off backing Democrats.

So when Allen West suggests there are Marxists in the Progressive Caucus of Congress (which is filled with Democrats) is he trying to bring back McCarthyism?

Well, McCarthy was right, wasn't he? What has changed since then?

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Rick Santorum Shows That Second Place Isn't The First Loser

Many so-called experts were scratching their heads about how a man who supposedly couldn't be voted into a Trivial Pursuit question would end up the first runner-up to be the next president...I wasn't surprised.

Santorum's belief in his campaign was infectious, you couldn't help but root for him. That's' why I'm reposting the Ricky Santorum pieces I did last January and February as a salute to the "Little Engine That Almost Did."

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If Obama's Logo Had A Mind Of It's Own...

...and was honest to a fault...

Adapted from this piece from 2010.

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Obama's Next Job Interview

From LMAObama.

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Vintage Young Democrats

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