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So What Does The ObamaCare Ruling Say About The Constitution?

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With All Due Respect To Chief Justice Roberts On ObamaCare...

I admit, "respect" is a term used very loosely here.

I was perpetually pessimistic about ObamaCare's reversal...but I wasn't watching the other hand. I would have NEVER guessed who the law's savior would be...

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ObamaCare: Basically, It's Like This...

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Obama Is The Most Constitutionally Disinterested Man In The World...

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The Evolution of Democratic Presidents

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How Arizona Could Get The Obama Administration To Cooperate On Illegal Immigration

h/t John Hawkins at Right Wing News for inspiring this piece by supplying the quote.

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A(nother) Failure Of Liberal Logic, If ID's Aren't Required To Exercise Rights...

This is an excellent question for his royal contemptuousness...

Created for OMG! for America join the fun at their Facebook page (almost 54,000 strong) here

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If We Could Bottle Up Liberal Philosophy On The Constitution...

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Left of the Mark

Left of the Mark is a brand spankin' new site that tracks the crazy things liberals say. It just launched and it has over 433 quotes cataloged already. You can search accor

This will prove to be quite useful to bloggers and conservatives everywhere who want to hold the left accountable for the outrageous things they say.

Below are some examples of what you will find.

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Did Obama's Donors Boo Him?

Obama makes a joke about baseball (instead of being one), and Jay Carney insists he wasn't booed for it.

Boston, knows the Red Sox and anyone who was in that room last night knows that the preponderance of people shouting in response to what the President said about Kevin Youkilis were saying ‘Yoooook and not Booo’ for God’s sake.”

“I don’t think the American people appreciate it when politicians suddenly pretend they are fans of other teams to curry favor. The president is very serious about that, he will not do that. He will not cross that line.”

More at BuzzFeed

Get that? Sports are too important to Obama to pander.

The trivial stuff, like illegal immigration, can slide.

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