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The Only Factory Where Business Is Booming On Obama's Watch

Liberals came up with the Twitter hashtag #FavoriteRomneyMovies in an effort to mock him, but it gave me an opportunity to dust off a piece from 2010 and throw it into the fray. As of this writing it has over 70 retweets, by far the top image in the game (granted there are only a few...but whatever).

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Obama The Devourer

For those not well versed in Marvel Comics get your crash course on this randomness here.

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How Low Can Obama Go?

From AfterMath

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Obama The Illusionist

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Soledad O'Brien's Tramp Stamp

This is what you get when you are caught reading liberal blogs on your CNN show...

From iOwnTheWorld

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Biden's Sensitivity To Chains Is Suddenly Understandable...

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Why There Is Nothing Obama Won't Say About Romney...

Created for OMG! for America, join the grassroots efforts there, or just join the fun on the Facebook page here.

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The Other National Deficit...

Dear Obama supporters...

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This Election Is More Than A Choice...

Inspired after watching Hannity recently. Talk radio host Hugh Hewitt was debating Bob Beckel about Paul Ryan/Medicare. Beckel said a number of A-M-A-Z-I-N-G doosies over the course of the discussion, a couple of them include:

1. Medicare will remain totally unchanged after Obama took $700 billion from it to fund Obamacare.

2. Deficits don't matter.

At one point Hewitt turns to Beckel and blurts out "this is an EEG test..." My wife and I laughed out loud when we heard it. She then suggested I make it into a piece. So, here ya go.

If I find the video I'll link to it.

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Which President Was Is The Idiot?

Emailed to me by a friend.

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