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Obama Is A Blockhead

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Why Do We Not Know More About Obama's Mentor Frank Marshall Davis?

For the past three years I've labored to find creative and funny ways to present conservatism in a graphic way.

Sometimes a blunt instrument is more appropriate, this is one of those times.

There will be more pieces like this to come...

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The DNC Is Livin' On A Prayer...From Islam

True story...

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Charlie Crist's Turn To The Dark Side Is Complete...

Former GOP governor turned sore loser turned "independent", Charlie Crist, has endorsed Obama over Romney, because the GOP, the party about to nominate Mitt Romney for president, has become.....too conservative!

Ever since he got his butt whooped by Marco Rubio for a Senate seat he thought he was entitled to I'm sure he has felt really butt-hurt about all things Republican.

Speaking of butt-hurt, here's a classic/prophetic piece from iOwnTheWorld on the matter.

This endorsement will surely sew up the vote for some demographic out there...I don't know, maybe the imaginary friend vote?

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Life Never Begins For Liberals...

Popped into my head while battling at #RNCconventionSlogans on Twitter...

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The Shady Bunch

Excellent WDITOT piece from It's BigFurHat

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Conservative Superheroes


After doing Conservative Superheroines and Liberal Supervillains I couldn't forget about the conservative guys!

I actually thought the first two groups would be more fun, which is why I did them first, but I think some of my favorite matchups ended up being in this group.

Like with the others I try to match up based on things like, personality and personal stories (of both the hero and conservative)...its not 100% perfect, but I think they're close.

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Obama's Next Book: Not Building That For Dummies

Created and sent by a regular visitor known as "Burgertech". This is one of those "why didn't I think of that" (which from here on out will be known as "WDITOT") pieces.

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The Three Amigos Of Marxism

From Capitalist Preservation

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The White House Vending Machine

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