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When The Symbol of Peace Meets The Religion of Peace

From iOwnTheWorld.

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From Jimmy Carter To Barack Obama, Middle East History Repeats Itself

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Making Contributions to The Obama Presidential Library

Milton Wolf, M.D., Barack Obama's conservative cousin, has come up with a hilarious "what if" for contributions to the Obama Presidential Library (which will be here sooner rather than later, hopefully).

"It's not too early to begin imagining how former President Barack Obama will adorn his presidential library. He's created quite a legacy for himself! From the failed Stimulus to Solyndra, from the health care takeover to his world apology tour, this president's library promises to make even Jimmy Carter jealous."


Check out the rest of his "entries" here.

This really got me going, with all the entries I could come up with, I may have gone overboard though...


The Library has a mention in the Washington Times! Check it out here!

Check out entries from...

The People's Cube 


Doug Ross

Tater Tots For The Masses

The Fine Report


I'm 41


Capitalist Preservation


 Here are mine...
























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The DNC Almost Got Away With The Faux Patriotism Schtick

Almost....get the story from the Navy Times

The first one is real...


These other two would be real if ever get bitten by the honesty bug..


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Obama Is An Accident...

To be fair, "accident" is a generous word to describe an Alinskyite subscribing to Marxism...

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Obama's Facebook Page Is A Little Late On Posting Something About 9-11

The person who handles President Obama's Facebook page was definitely asleep at the switch. The time stamp (which is Pacific time, as I live on the left coast) was not photoshopped AT ALL, go to his Facebook page look at the time stamp now and do the math for yourself. See his Facebook page here.

Click the image to view at full size.

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Why It's Hard To Understand The Objection To Waterboarding...

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This Day In 2001 Was A Tough Day To Be A Leader

Created for OMG! For America, join the fun on Facebook here, or get involved in their grassroots efforts at the main website here.

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