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The Difference Between A Republican And Democrat Cartoon Character

This is what liberals get for bellyaching about an otherwise innocuous observation about prioritizing government spending...Continual meme smackdowns that they bring upon themselves.

Sent to me from a Facebook friend who created this himself.

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The Real Jobs Report

From Allen West's campaign.

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Obama's Debate Failure And Samuel L. Jackson

If you have a strong stomach and A LOT of patience, check out the Obama ad this graphic references here.

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The Latest Jobs Report Is As Unbelieveable As It Is Convenient For Obama

Nobody with a brain believes the new unemployment rate is really 7.8%. As Rick Moran points out at American Thinker, it's just not credible.

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Obama's Debate Notes Uncovered

I'd love to know who created this...too freakin' funny...

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Biden Gets Ready For 2016 Presidential Run

I did another piece speculating on his choice of a running mate (here). I think this is a much more logical choice...

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Liberals Should Reconsider The "Romney Lied" Debate Meme

Rather than just settle on the fact that their guy was beaten and deal with it, they're trying to tell the country Obama lost because Romney lied his way to victory.

Aside from the fact this is pure Alinskyite projection on their part, there's another angle they haven't considered in this folly...

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Biden's Post Debate Analysis

From Hope 'N Change

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