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The Victims of Sandy Hook

I'm not going to waste time on the killer if I don't have to. We are all better served recognizing and mourning the victims.

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Four Things Guns Would Say If They Could Talk

As we all know about the tragedy in Connecticut by now the White House is declaring that this isn't the time to talk about gun control. Many liberals beg to differ.

First and foremost we should pray for the victims and their families, but because liberalism is increasingly losing its nerve with each passing year we must also not cede the debate in the name of taking the high ground...unfortunately...

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The Greatest Christmas Gift

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Ten Things To Say To An Obama Voter Who Just Got Laid Off

This list has been getting around the web quite a bit. By most accounts it seems to be written by VtheK, with the original post here.

I've only seen it in text, and this is the perfect type of thing to make a graphic for...

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The First Lessons Of Economics And Politics

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Is Santa Liberal Or Conservative?

This graphic may seem ridiculous, but PPP did a poll proving more people think Santa would be a Democrat. I submit that PPP is wrong...but barely, and with good reason.

Unlike the PPP poll, this is purely meant to be tongue-in-cheek. However, I'm pretty sure this will piss of the libs...hehe

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The World Will Not End December 21, 2012

Unless God decides it will, not the Mayans.

Found on Facebook, pass it on...

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All Biden Wants For Christmas...

Click the image to see at full size...

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Cowardly Atheists Are Really Just Anti-Christian

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