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Exclusive Photo Of Boehner Posing With Democrats After Fiscal Cliff Vote

It's offcial, fiscal cliff crisis averted! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Meanwhile, back in the real world...

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Is It Me, Or Does Michelle Obama's New Years Eve Gown Look A Little Too Tight On Her?

Hilarious! From iOwnTheWorld.

I was also considering a headline akin to something about how her ball(s) only drop on New Yearsat midnight...but I thought it might be a stretch.

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Why Conservatives Should Get Behind Universal Vision Insurance

Way too many people, starting (and probably ending) with liberals, have a ridiculously cartoonish idea of who conservatives are. This graphic should help with that.

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An Artistic Interpretation Of The Official Disco Song Of The Obama Administration

"Wont you take me to...JUNKY TOWN?!?"

I don't know who did this...but it's great. Leave a comment if you know who made it.

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If The Fiscal Cliff Were Chinese Food This Would Be Obama's Fortune Cookie

He had to break it to find out what was in it.

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A Liberal's List Of New Year's Resolutions For 2013

A new year a new list of resolutions, this is sort of a sequel to the list of liberal resoutions I came up with last year.

See the 2012 list here.

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The Four Words That Prove Sarah Palin Is A HICK

I adapted this piece from this graphic found at Facebook.

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