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What A Liberal Compromise On Gun Control Might Look Like

I feel bad posting this...I don't want to give the fascists any ideas...

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The Greatest Irony Of Why Liberals Are Free To Be Wrong

Everything they believe society should be is the opposite of conservatism's belief in freedom, liberty. However, it's the unprecedented prosperity capitalism brings relative to the rest of the world that makes them focus so intensely on what they don't have. It's the uniquely American freedom of speech that allows their un-American ideas to flourish. It's this piece from Image Blitz...

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Crayon Color Names For Liberals

h/t to John Hawkins of Right Wing News for the tip on the #ProgressiveCrayonColors game at Twitter. Some are mine, but many of these were derived from what I found there.

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Is It Fair To Say We Should Ban Cars Because Of Drunk Driving?

Found this at a very good Facebook friend to TLS, Silence Is Consent.

The key differences are bearing arms is a constitutional right and driving is a privilege. Also, except for inhabiting a Smart Car, a key feature of car ownership isn't dying.

Obviously, I'm kidding (except for the Smart Car thing, that's serious stuff). I actually made a similar point at this post.

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Is Obama The King Of Fiscal Cliff Deniers?

YES! He is!

Apparently Obama truly believes there is absolutely no spending problem in our government.

W-O-W...and now I have my second King Obama post in a month's time.

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It Doesn't Matter What Color You Are, If You Can Do This You're A Racist

Found this at, Memestache.

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The Reason Churchill Was Wrong About Liberals Having Heart

This piece will probably set off some of those shining beacons of intellectualism on the left.

The truth is Churchill was wrong, conservatives have both heart and brains. Liberals would disagree because they favor unfettered social welfare, but there's no real heart in a political philosophy where the individual prefers personally divorcing themselves from the act of charity by mandating a bigger government to take care of it for them.

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There Are Two Ways To Enslave America, And One Of Them Ain't Lower Taxes...

Or less regulation, or unfettered gun ownership for it's citizens, or being pro-life, or less government...

From, For America.

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