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You Know Liberals Have A Losing Argument When Stick Figures Can Beat It

I've seen a lot of great graphics that not only destroy liberal logic on gun control, but I never thought stick figures would also make it seem so awesomely infantile.

Leave a comment if you know who made this.

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The Democratic Party's Crusade Against American Success Can Be Summed Up In Three Words...

This was inspired when I happened to have Rush on this morning and the guest host, Doug Urbanski, was going on about how he heard Juan Williams complain that he doesn't like New Years Eve because there's always someone out there having more fun than he is.

Doug went on to say that encapsulates liberalism perfectly...given there are studies that prove this, it's hard to disagree with that assessment.

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"Oopsie" Could Be A Better Dedication For The Communist Manifesto Than This...

Then again, maybe not. This dedication is brilliant in it's simplicity from The People's Cube...which is helpful to the Democratic Party's new base of support that comes from America's dumbasses low-information voters.

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Exclusive Photo Of Boehner Posing With Democrats After Fiscal Cliff Vote

It's offcial, fiscal cliff crisis averted! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Meanwhile, back in the real world...

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Is It Me, Or Does Michelle Obama's New Years Eve Gown Look A Little Too Tight On Her?

Hilarious! From iOwnTheWorld.

I was also considering a headline akin to something about how her ball(s) only drop on New Yearsat midnight...but I thought it might be a stretch.

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Why Conservatives Should Get Behind Universal Vision Insurance

Way too many people, starting (and probably ending) with liberals, have a ridiculously cartoonish idea of who conservatives are. This graphic should help with that.

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An Artistic Interpretation Of The Official Disco Song Of The Obama Administration

"Wont you take me to...JUNKY TOWN?!?"

I don't know who did this...but it's great. Leave a comment if you know who made it.

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If The Fiscal Cliff Were Chinese Food This Would Be Obama's Fortune Cookie

He had to break it to find out what was in it.

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