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There's Something Really Funny About How The Sequester Caused Obama To Cancel White House Tours...

So the people's house is now unavailable because of the sequester, but they still have plenty of money for calligraphers in the 21st Century.

There's a slight problem with all of this...

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Rand Paul Rejects Constructive Filibuster Criticism From Obama?

Rand Paul is bringing it over the Brennan/CIA nomination, it's bad enough Obama got Hagel for Defense, lets hope this works.

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What's A Good Nickname For Obama Potato-Head?

Capitalist Preservation has a good one...

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The First Movie Poster For The Hugo Chavez Biopic

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All Of The Time Obama Spent Shooting At Camp David Has Led Up To This...

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Is A Movie About Hugo Chavez's Death Already In The Works?

Doing this piece gave me pause. I don't KNOW where Chavez went after his death, and I'm not interested in decisively casting judgement on the matter.

That said, he was a BAD guy, he abused the power bestowed upon him, and his life was not a force for good in the world.

That has to count for something...

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It Looks Like Obama Fatigue Set In Really Early

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A Theory On What Fun NYC Mayor Bloomberg Will Ban Next...

If you don't know what it is you can learn here.

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The Dumbest AND Most Frightening Bumper Sticker You'll Ever See...



Somebody actually put this on their car and may have officially invented vision pollution in the process.

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