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If Anti-Drone Patriots Are "Wacko Birds" Then I'd Hate To Be What John McCain Is...

Honestly I wonder if John McCain with his "wacko birds" outburst sometimes sets out to prove the country was right to not make him a one-term president.

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Someone Found A Loophole In Mayor Bloomberg's Soda Ban


That loophole is also known as a straw...

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A Little Bit Of Democrat Toilet Humor

Found this weird photo randomly, and the captions just came out...


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Why The GOP Has Been Losing And How It Can Win Again Is A Question Even An Idiot Can Answer

If an idiot can answer it, then it says A LOT about all the RINO's out there...

From Right Wing News.

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Sometimes President Obama Needs To Be Spell Checked

Ya know?

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The Unintended Consequence Of Democrats Arguing The Second Amendment Is Outdated

If it's true for one amendment it's true for others...and maybe that's the unfortunate direction they want to take the country in.

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There's Something Really Funny About How The Sequester Caused Obama To Cancel White House Tours...

So the people's house is now unavailable because of the sequester, but they still have plenty of money for calligraphers in the 21st Century.

There's a slight problem with all of this...

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Rand Paul Rejects Constructive Filibuster Criticism From Obama?

Rand Paul is bringing it over the Brennan/CIA nomination, it's bad enough Obama got Hagel for Defense, lets hope this works.

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