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Taking The Rest Of The Week Off...Well...Sort Of...


The "well...sort of.." part is because updates will still be made to the Image Gallery.

Since TLS started I have either created or collected of what must be literally well over a thousand images by now. Some time ago I realized that the blog model isn't very useful for a site with so many images, especially for images that have a more timeless appeal.

The site is going to undergo a few changes starting next week. As a result, barring any major event that needs coverage with some graphics, I wont be doing anymore posts for the rest of the week so I can allow myself time to get everything ready as well as allow links from the blog to run their course.

Once I make the switch of the home page from the blog to the Image Gallery everything posted from this week and before will be broken...which kind of REALLY stinks in the short-term, but the trigger has to get pulled at some point, might as well be in an off-political year.

I will still be updating and posting to my Facebook page and Twitter stuff I find from the Image Gallery, which will replace the blog as the new home page next week. The blog will still be in effect, but it will take a more supportive role to the evolution of TLS being more of an image gallery driven site.

On a final note, one of the big things I want to make sure to do once the "new" TLS is going is make sure you all understand that the Image Gallery is meant to be by everyone, for everyone.

Anyone can register (it's as simple as using your Facebook account) and start contributing conservative/traditionalist images to it...RIGHT NOW!

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