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If The Fiscal Cliff Were Chinese Food This Would Be Obama's Fortune Cookie

He had to break it to find out what was in it.

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A Liberal's List Of New Year's Resolutions For 2013

A new year a new list of resolutions, this is sort of a sequel to the list of liberal resoutions I came up with last year.

See the 2012 list here.

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The Four Words That Prove Sarah Palin Is A HICK

I adapted this piece from this graphic found at Facebook.

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If Want To Help Me Win A Contest...Again!

My image won iOwnTheWorld's PUK Cage Match #3!

Thanks to all who supported TLS....but guess what? I have an image in Cage Match #4 too!

Like with Diogenes, I'm up against another great "opponent," Political Clown Parade.

If you think I have the better image...AND ONLY IF (I wanna win on merit)...then click here and click the green thumb under "bottom image." (the chalk board with a message about how Democrats ruin the economy)

Thank you for your support for yesterday!

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If You Want To Help Me Win A Contest...

iOwnTheWorld is holding its annual PUK Award contest for the best conservative image of the year. I submitted a few pieces and one of them is currently in one of 14 "cage matches."

If I get the more votes than my "opponent" (I use that term loosely because I'm a fan of Diogenes) then that piece goes on to the finals. believe I have the better image click here and vote for me by clicking the green hand under "bottom image." (the one of Reagan putting Obama in a headlock)

Voting ends December 29 at 8PM ET.

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New Years Resolutions for Liberals

This is a list for 2012, an updated list is coming soon.

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A New Study Shows That You Will Believe Every Word Of This

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The Video Game Based On Obama's American Dream

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Relax! You Don't Need A Match To Burn The Koran

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