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What Palestinian Peace Really Looks Like

From Bosch Fawstin.

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Romney vs. The 47% And Their "Obama Money"

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Mitt Romney's Fair Share (Which Is Also The 47 Percent's)

The media is exploding on this story about Romney calling the 47% of Americans who don't pay income tax "dependent" on government.

Bloomberg is declaring the election over, and I'm honestly having trouble finding the offense. What Romney says has been the sentiment and frustration of conservatives ever since liberals started mortgaging the country's future with entitlements, and demagoguing into submission A-N-Y-O-N-E who dared to do anything that would bring this country back to a responsible financial footing.

Those chickens are very close to coming home to roost, and Mitt Romney is the bad guy for telling it like it is (however indelicate it may be)?

To liberals who think this impugns his character, good luck. I recently posted something that brags on his record of service, here.

How about a look at what his (and the 47%'s) fair share looks like...

I don't know the source of this graphic, if/when I do I'll update to post to link to it.

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Is Romney Right To Say The 47% Are Counting On Obama?

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If You Ever Need To Have A Talk With Children About The Political Facts Of Life...

You need to know what to tell them...

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Remember When Glenn Beck Was Being "Hysterical" About The Dangers Of The Arab Spring?

I remember, and even though he went off the rails a bit during the GOP primaries, I don't mind saying I had his back on this issue from the

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One Year Ago Today Something Magical Happened for Liberals...

The leftist carriage Obama rode in on turned back into a pumpkin...

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A Screenshot of The Movie That Sparked Chaos In The Middle East

This wasn't only predictable, it was predicted...

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