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Biden Clarifies Gaffe About His Dead Father Respecting Obama

In case you missed it...

Ladies and gentlemen, my dad -- my dad respected Barack Obama -- would have respected Barack Obama had he been around...

More from Biden's speech (if you must) here.

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Democrats Deny Voter Fraud While Doing It To Our Face

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Someone Needs To Literally Give Joe Biden A Thesaurus

He LITERALLY used that word 10 times in his DNC speech. I'm not sure any instance was even a proper use of the word.

Here's an example of "literally" used correctly...

Not only was the substance of Joe Biden's speech terrible, it's hard to say that it couldn't have been delivered any worse than it was.

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Liberal Superstars Grace The DNC With Their Presence?

For some context on this piece check out this video of a resent performance by Tupac Shakur.

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The Man Who Balanced The Budget

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Some Inconvenient Arithmetic For Democrats On The Meaning Of "Fair Share"

Bill Clinton's DNC quip about "arithmetic" may have sparked a trend on Twitter, but at the end of the day the numbers aren't going to be on their side. It reminded me of a piece I did some time back about some inconvenient arithmetic on taxes.

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Obama Fact Checks Bill Clinton's Economic Record...

If Obama has any regrets at the end of his life it will be those four words.

This idea was suggested to me by a visitor to this blog.

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The Real Reason Obama Has To Downgrade His Big DNC Speech

More brilliance from iOwnTheWorld.

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