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A Soldier's Message To The Occupy Movement

Check out the YouTube channel with INCREDIBLE actual combat footage mentioned at the bottom of the photo here. 

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Obama Fundamentally Transforms The Flag, Again!

The first time (this year) was on Flag Day, see that desecration here...there's no question now that they're not ignorant that they're disrespecting the flag. It's clear they absolutely do not care. The design below is being hocked on merchandise by our narcissist of a president (I refuse to link to it).

The graphic below was created for OMG! For America. Join them here or at their Facebook page here.

iOwnTheWorld has an interesting connection for this image here (see bottom of post).

The Black Sphere posted a good reinterpretation on their Facebook page here.

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Obama's Campaign Gimmicks Using Celebrities Really Are Creepy

See the original graphic and the story behind it at Reason.

The url in this graphic works...give it a try :-)

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Bill Clinton Vouches For Obama's Economic Record

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The Not-So-Secret Video Starring Barack Obama...

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The Difference Between Hate Crime And Art Is In The Eye Of The Beheader

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Obama Wasn't Only The Worst President Ever On Letterman...

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With Misery And Obama For All...

My response to the latest social networking gimmick from team Obama. Twitchy has the story here.

iOwnTheWorld has some great ones that spoof the image that started it all here and here.

The People's Cube has theirs here.

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Makers And Takers Illustrated

This brilliant piece accompanied an article by Ramesh Ponnuru, read it here.

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