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Why The VP Debate Will Be The Most Fun Ever

I might find myself investing in popcorn companies beforehand...

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Obamaloney Has A First Name...

Still on vacation (told you this would be hard for me), just wanted to share one of the top tweets from the #Obamaloney hashtag game on Twitter (53 retweets! That's a lot for me and my 3600 followers).

This piece is from 2011...


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Romney Hood? How About The Socialist Adventures of Robbin' Hood

I'm still on vacation, but Obama's latest campaign gimmick, "Romney Hood" can't go reminded me of a post from 2010 that makes the perfect response.

Somewhere the descendants of Errol Flynn hate me...dearly...

I struggled a bit to come up with the right leading lady, there was the obvious choice...

Socialist Adventures of Robbin Hood with Michelle

Then theres the less obvious choice...

Socialist Adventures of Robbin Hood with Nancy

I would be a little worried that Nancy would be uncomfortable running around with her head all covered up...

Nancy with head cover


Anyway, then we have the "oh yeah" choice

Socialist Adventures of Robbin Hood with Barney

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Obama's Last Birthday As President?

Let's hope so!

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The Late Night President

All of this focus on his golfing makes us almost forget...

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Obama's Prevent Defense

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Obama Says His Tax Plan Will Give Back $2,200 Per Year To The Bottom 98%

Granting that's true (and it most likely isn't)

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If Harry Reid Wont Put Up Then He Needs To Shut Up

Apparently, he wasn't embarrassed the first time he claimed Romney doesn't pay taxes. Now he's doubling down...

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Coming For The Rest Of The Chickens

Created for OMG! For America. Join the grassroots movement here, or get in on the fun at the Facebook page here.

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The Last Chicken Standing

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