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Liberal Leadership In A Nutshell...

This is perfect! (found on Facebook)

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Obama Sign Language

Created for OMG! for America.

Original photo is from the White House blog. They really need to do a better job with their selecting.

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Liberal Economics Is An Exercise In Futility

This has just become one of my top favorite pieces from iOwnTheWorld.

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The Three Main Attacks Of Liberalism

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By Democrat Standards The Romneys Were A Reproductive Disaster

Brilliance from The Peoples Cube.

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What Liberals Think An Unfair Share Looks Like

A Tax Day repost from last year.

Astounding as it may seem, this is not good enough for the left...Click the image to see the full size...

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Obama's Positions On The Issues, Illustrated

Now that it's 99.999999999% certain that Romney is who we have to choose if we're not interested in continuing to send America to Hell. Here's a repost from way back in 2009 of Obama's position on the issues, illustrated:

  • The Tea Party
  • On Israeli Security
  • On The Economy
  • On National Security
  • American Sovereignity

I know the position on "Israel's Security" looks like the Nazi salute, it's not. Promise!

He's actually just waving "bye bye" to it.

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Magic Liberal Sunglasses

This was a tip sent to me by visitor who goes by "Screwy Puppy." If you have a tip on a good image to post send it here

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Uncle Sam Takes A Whack At Endorsing President Obama

What that would look like...

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Does The First Lady Misunderstand The Buffett Rule?

From iOwnTheWorld.

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