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Who's Dedicated To Killing Babies Like The Savages Of Ancient Times?

A very good point from Right Wing News.

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Eric Holder Isn't Just Picking His Nose...

If you haven't seen it yet check out the video unearthed by Team Breitbart revealing Attorney General Holder's affinity for "brainwashing" (yes, he literally uses that word) here.

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How The World Views Liberals

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Top 10 Images That Were Not Photoshopped











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There Is No "O" In America

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Obama Can't Find The Right Line To March Madness

From Michael Ramirez

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Celebrate St. Patricks Day With The Official Beer Of The Obama Administration!

Like it's rhyming counterpart (think about it). It will never get you drunk, because like Obama's administration, it can't get the job done.

Keep in mind, I didn't say it wont mess you up...

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Why ObamaCare Actually Costs Twice As Much As Promised

Yet another lie about ObamaCare is exposed. See the story here

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Where's WaldObama At March Madness?

Repost from last still applies...

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The Only March Madness Brackets Obama Should Be Concerned With

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