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Just When You Thought Calculators Couldn't Be More Accurate...

From iOwnTheWorld

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Who Wears It Better? Debbie Wasserman Schultz or...

My first poll! Vote below!

So, who wears it better?

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Washington vs. Holder On Honesty

From Michael Ramirez

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Guess Who's Getting Antsy About Santorum...

I had a feeling a year ago that Santorum would end up a real contender, and now Obama has unleashed the hounds on him.

I'm not necessarily endorsing him. However, I can't help but admire a man left for dead politically 6 years ago, by both sides, rising to the precipice of front-runner status.

Hit him with your best shot, Mr. President...

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An American Nostradamus?

A repost from 2010...

I received this in an email. Snopes says this is real. The last picture is the money shot.

More than speaks for itself...

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Obama Makes A Snow Angel

From the great, but currently on hiatus (?) Bird Ankles.

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The British Know How To Keep It Classy

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Should Santorum's Talk About Satan's Influence In The World Hurt His Credibility?

Really great stuff from The People's Cube

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Obama Makes Like Uncle Sam For "Special" Super PAC

Art repost from 2010.

Do you have the makings to be a member a super special Obama Super PAC? Check out at The Friends Of Obama League (F.O.O.L.) to see if you do.

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