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A Paradox of Government

From Patriot Depot

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Liberals Love America So Much They Want To Fundamentally Transform It

I truly wish I could say this flag was Photoshopped, but it's real...

The text part was added for OMG! For America

See the outrageous story behind this flag here

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An Obama Fairness Anagram

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Don't Know Which Party To Vote For?

iOwnTheWorld made a chart to help you figure it out.

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Religious Bigotry At The New York Times?

The New York times accepted one of these ads, and they rejected the other. (Click on them to see a legible full-size version)

It doesn't take a wild guess which one is which, but if you were born yesterday see the story at Atlas Shrugs (h/t iOwnTheWorld)

If you want to throw your two cents at the New York Times's religious bigotry then you can tweet to, or get the email address of the chief offender, at @NYTPRGUY

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Pro Choice? Are You Kidding?

This angry baby pic apparently gets around

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It's Never Too Early To Post This Note On Your Wall

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What Can Obama Do About Gas Prices?

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Big Patriotism

All great men get a fitting portrait.

Here is a brilliant piece from DaleToons

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The Most Polar Ice Ever Recorded?

It looks like Earth does stand a snowball's chance in hell, this month we apparently had the most polar ice ever recorded.

This isn't a fluke either, in December 2010 I linked to an article by eco-pope Gore that competed with reports of record snowfall in Europe. See that post here

The graphic I created back then seems more apt than ever before...

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