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Correcting A HUGE Mistake On Newsweek's Cover

Doug Ross got a scoop on Newsweek's upcoming cover...

Obviously their art department missed a HUGE typo on this cover, I've set up a corrected version of the cover, though I doubt the one-cent-rag-of-record will alter course...

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How To Make An MSNBC Conservative

From The Morlock Revolt...

It's hard to say whether believing Jon Huntsman was the most conservative GOP candidate is a cause or symptom of this.

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Liberals Are Easily Fooled

Repost from 2010...

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The Problem With Obama's Plan To Merge Government Agencies

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Obama's Coronation of Executive Authority

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IOwnTheWorld PUK Award Semi-Finals

Every year iOwnTheWorld has a contest where all-comers can submit what they think is the best politically conservative graphic image of the year, known as the PUK Awards. I submitted some pieces and the four below made it to the semi-finals!

You can see all of the nominations here.

Check the other 32 semi-finalists (in addition to my work) here.


A winner has been chosen! See who won at Atlas Shrugs. I don't want to spoil anything, but I will say one my pieces above made it to the top 5!

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Biden's Advice To Anthony Weiner

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What Do Deodorant And Voting Have In Common?

Check out this design on shirts and stickershere.

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An Exclusive Look At Computer Belonging To A Government Worker

I knew there was more to it than an extravagant pension!

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It's Not A Coincidence This Sign Points Left...

Just sayin'...

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