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Obama Serenades Himself

If you missed it...

That silly audience thought he was singing to them...

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Random Thought On How To Make Biden Smarter

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Obama Retools His Campaign Seal For 2012

Click to enlarge the image.


I've received feedback on this piece that what I depicted is too good for him. The objective was to get to the heart of truth and away from his defiling the presidential seal...but I'm open to alternatives, I'm sure there are some VERY good ones :-)

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A Graphic That Is Kryptonite To Liberals

Especially "Occupy" protesters...

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Think Obama Is Incompetent? There's An App For That...

Repost from last year...

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Obama's Fortune Cookie

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An Accurate Way To Like Obama's Policy

Found this at iOwnTheWorld.

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Random Conservative Thought About Lying

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How Freedom Connects Obama To Reagan

Created for OMG! For America, which is still in development, but is 95% on it's way to full functionality!

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Ever Wondered What The Letters In Ron Paul Stood For?

Me neither, but this demotivator found at iOwnTheWorld made me wish I had...

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