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"Tolerance" Has Given Us A Sense Of Pseudo-Morality

From Right Wing News

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Fundamental Transformation Isn't Patriotic (a graphic for your Facebook timeline)

Created for OMG! For America to be a "badge" that you post to your timeline for Facebook profiles.

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A Perk Of Being Obama's Vice President, Unlimited Food Stamps!


It's good to be the food stamp Vice President...

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How Celebrities Have Aged Over Time

From iOwnTheWorld.

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Is Obama A National Treasure?

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Five Things Children Know That Liberals Have Forgotten

Posted at Townhall (click the image to see the full article) by John Hawkins of Right Wing News.

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What Do You Get When You Combine Liberal Ideas With ShamWow?

Part of a series of riddles I'm developing. Answer is in the dot of the "?"

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The Real Purpose Of The Constitution

Sorry liberals, it's not toilet paper.

Found at Republican Revolution.

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The Obama Hope Artist Is Going To Jail?

Artist Shepard Fairey, who created the iconic "Hope" campaign poster featuring then-Sen. Barack Obama for the 2008 presidential campaign, pleaded guilty in Manhattan Federal Court on Friday to one count of criminal contempt for destroying documents, manufacturing evidence and other misconduct.

See the story here.

I know it's not spelled the same way, but it looks like Mr. Fairey may get a chance to live out his name behind the slammer (that's a lot of innuendo for one sentence!).

I whipped up a couple of parting gifts for him...

This one is from me to liberals

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The Real Breakdown Of How Our Taxes Are Spent

From American Elephant.

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