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Michelle Obama Has A Little Bit Of Santa Envy

Repost from last year...

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Michelle Obama's Celebrity Twin

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The Ideal Winter Wonderland For Occupy Protesters

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Occupy Wall Street Scratch And Sniff Calendar?

Below is a page from it. The layout seems to be quite appropriate. See the rest at Duh Progressive

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While The GOP Snubs Trump, One Man Would Definitely Be Elevated By His Presence

Repost from the beginning of the year...

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The World Literally Needs A Stable Influence


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The Wisdumb of Biden: Thoughts On Obama's Newfound Populism

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70 Years Ago Today, In Pictures

I literally live right down the street from Occupy Orange County, I can't help but think that the only way December 7 would be a day of infamy for them would be if their camp was finally broken up and place on the ash heap of the rest off the more "consequential" Occupy camps around the country.

70 years ago, December 7, 1941, the last time liberal Democrats didn't flinch at the thought of going to war to preserve America...

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Top 10 Best Photographic Optical Illusions

As far as I know, none of these illusions have doctored using Photoshop.I've definitely done nothing to them...











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The Only Apology Jesus Could Ever Make

And still be perfect...

I adapted this picture from an original, I didn't make Jesus holding the sign, but I added our fearless leader to it to remove any ambiguity.

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