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What If Obama Had A Beer Summit With Iran?

Repost from St. Patrick's Day...

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A True Story About The Fountain Of Youth

This story was emailed to me, it's so good I had to make a graphic out of it...

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The Perfect Demonstration Of How Socialism Works

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Where RINOs Came From...

As the fangs of the Republican establishment are either sinking deeper into any presidential candidate that isn't Mitt Romney, or ginning up late breaking support for conservative candidates they hope will split the Gingrich vote...this repost is a friendly reminder of who THEY are thrusting upon us...

Don't get me wrong, if Romney is our guy he will have my undying and enthusiastic support, but until then...

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An Important Question Liberals Should Ask Themselves...

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Fighting For Our Right To Say Merry Christmas

A piece I quickly whipped up for my OMG! For America project.

We're still finalizing the operational site, so we posted this on our Facebook page, and have been VERY pleasantly surprised to see how well received it has been. It is by far our most liked/shared post to date.

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Limited Edition Cover Of Time Magazine's Person Of The Year Issue

From Capitalist Preservation

iOwnTheWorld has posted some great versions of their own, check them out here, here, and here

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America's Lump of Coal From Santa

This piece is a repost from last year, but it has been changed a little bit to be a bit more current...

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What Ron Paul's Presidential Portrait Looks Like

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If There Were Awards For RINOs...

From DaleToons

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