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The Official Credit Card of Obama's American Jobs Act

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Obama's Meal Before Talking About Jobs...

Found this over at The Peoples Cube.

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Obama Is Downgraded From Messiah To Moses

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Fact Checking Herman Cain's 9 Percent Tax

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Sunsets Ever

I love sunsets, so I've collected 10 of what I think are the all time best photographs of them.

It's a lengthy graphic, so if you're on the home page, click "read more" below to see it.

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Obama's Breath Spray

He'll give it a couple of puffs before his big, huge, historic speech on jobs, where he'll plan on testing Einstein's definition of insanity.

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Does This Anger PETA More Than It Pleases The Greens?

It's low emmision, it's orgainic, but...

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Proving Liberals Are The Real Zombies

Did you hear about the new video game Tea Party Zombies Must Die

It's a simple premise, kill zombies that look like Palin, Bachmann, Glenn Beck and others.

I'm sure the liberals over at StarvingEyes Advergaming think they are being soooooo clever. It's not even an original thought, Bob Hope said the same about them decades ago!

I know, I know, liberals are the thoughtful, intellectual side of the argument, they're not zombies!!!


Other than removing the mic from Obama's mouth literally did nothing to their heads other than cut, paste and blend the neckline....

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Newt Gingrich's Celebrity Twin?

I couldn't resist. My apologies to all the "Newt Gingrich for President" supporters out there...aka the Gingrich family.


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Life Before Google

It's true, and still we elect Democrats...

From Shoebox Blog"

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