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Amazing Transformations With Horror Movie Makeup

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The Mickey Mouse President

I originally posted this in April 2010, when much of the country still hadn't figured it out yet that President "Pass This Bill Right Away" was an insult to people selling snake oil.

It bears repeating


According to Urban Dictionary:

Mickey Mouse:
Substandard, poorly executed or organized. Amateurish.

Mickey Mouse Obama

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How Obama Generates Ideas For Job Creation

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Reagan Joke About A Republican Campaigning To Democrats

My dad emailed this to me saying he had never heard it before, I hadn't either. They just don't make presidents like they used to...

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The Official Credit Card of Obama's American Jobs Act

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Obama's Meal Before Talking About Jobs...

Found this over at The Peoples Cube.

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Obama Is Downgraded From Messiah To Moses

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Fact Checking Herman Cain's 9 Percent Tax

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Sunsets Ever

I love sunsets, so I've collected 10 of what I think are the all time best photographs of them.

It's a lengthy graphic, so if you're on the home page, click "read more" below to see it.

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