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At the Iowa Straw Poll, The Eyes Have It

A liberal friend recently asked me if I had a favorite GOP candidate for president (I don't at the moment), and then added, before I could answer, that he hopes it's not "Bauchman."

I've been doing this stuff long enough to know that when names escape a critic, actual facts aren't far behind.

I don't want to be too unfair about the spelling, I once left off the second "n" from Bachmann's name, but it's an interesting habit of liberals that their disdain (to put it nicely) for a conservative is directly proportional to how capable they are of spelling correctly, or even just getting that conservatives name right at all.

In college, knew a self-described socialist who absolutely could not stand "that tall blond woman...I think her name is Sharon." (Ann Coulter...I can't believe I remember that the guy called her Sharon)

I had a friend years ago who did stand-up comedy that blasted Bush, and they guy could barely name the Vice President, forget about the rest of the cabinet.

Here's a fun little exercise, try Googling "Glen Beck" or "Glen Beck liberal"

Even after electing a man who makes William Henry Harrison look like the best president ever, liberals continue to insist they're the smartest man in the room when they can't even demonstrate that they know who they're talking about...much less what.

I asked my friend for why he specifically dislikes Bachmann, he didn't seem to have a real reason. He also couldn't tell me how he came to the conclusion that she was a "more terrifying Palin" (or he was afraid to tell me that it was because The Daily Show said so), but I'm sure that her NewsWEAK cover didn't help

But like Jodi says in today's Newsbusted....

The eyes have it in Iowa.