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Liberals Might Start Saving the Planet If They'd Loosen The Cape A Little

Oxygen to the brain is your friend liberals! I promise!

Anyway, here's the quote of the day from Nancy Pelosi...

“What we’re trying to do is save the world from the Republican budget. We’re trying to save life on this planet as we know it today.”

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Being a Democrat must be SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard! I mean, saving the world is a BIG EFFING DEAL you know.

What a burden they must shoulder. Not the saving of the world, but the having to share Earth with Republicans who are literally trying to destroy it like we've got some secret escape pod will take us back to Krypton, unaware that we destroyed that planet too. (The way Superman is being written these days you'd think what I'm saying wouldn't necessarily be taken in jest.)

The only super power morons like Obama and Pelosi have is comparable to King Midas, except everything they touch turns to s**t.

Everything is apocalyptic with these people, and every leader they scrape from what seems to be an increasingly bottomless barrel becomes more and more comically messianic in their eyes.

Even as we stare squarely at a downgrade in our AAA rating, or a total default. They insist that digging the hole even deeper is literally saving the world. Even children know you can't actually reach communist China that way.

Want to know how you can be sure something isn't earth shatteringly dire? Check to see if it turns liberals into basket cases. For example, while these doomsday doctors diagnose panetary fevers new data is out, again, proving the threat of global warming is the paper tiger reasonable people knew it to be.

Nancy Pelosi needs to spend more time outside of Washington and San Francisco so she can understand what a foreigner she is to the rest of the country, and that nobody understands the language she is trying to speak.