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No More Shouting At Obama, The Teleprompters Can't Hear Anyway

Obama doesn't like being shouted at, because the sound waves rupture his thin skin. I don't see the use of shouting questions at him anyway. He's not hard of hearing, he's tone deaf.

Questions directed at him should address that more than anything...

    Mr. President, how much of the strategic oil reserves you want released will go to gassing up Air Force One for the First Lady's vacations?

    Would you consider Libya the mother of all sand traps?

    We know the First Lady wants us to eat healthier so there can be more of the good stuff for her, but will you please assure your base there is no plan to regulate consumption of Kool-aid?

    Were you for gay marriage before you were against it? Because that seems a lot like wrapping the scarf before popping the collar. So for clarity to the gay community, and to paraphrase Lady were born which way?

    Are you only mad that Republicans predictably call your bluff because the Arab world does it so much?

    Which parties do you want us to cover you attending to mark the default on U.S. debt?

    Do Democrats shun wearing the Christian cross because they're vampires that suck on the blood of capitalism?

    If you dumped Vice President Biden for a more competent appearing Andrew Cuomo wouldn't that constitute letting a crisis go to waste?

    If polls show a generic Republican beating you, shouldn't your main election strategy be to just switch parties?

In any case, there's that and more from today's Newsbusted.