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If The Boogeyman Was Republican, It Could Beat Obama

A new poll finds, again, that a generic Republican would be Obama next year.

The left's reaction to this will be typical....

"That right-wing conspiracy has that Scott Rassmussen guy locked in that crackpot John Hannity's basement. I might be atheist, but that doesn't mean we can't believe in Satan, and every time they put a poll out that "confirms" people don't like Obama one of his spawn gets wings.

Man, this already is a super unrealistic portrayal of liberals, I'm pretty sure Satan doesn't bother them....sorry, I'll keep trying...

The next thing you'll know Scott Assmuffin, (I know that's gaycist, but I can't help it), will probably say that Obama only got 53% of the vote in 2008, and everyone I know voted for him, so that's impossible. Why would anyone want to vote for a Republican after 8 years of Bush anyway, the only Bush I would vote for president is the one that gets to work spreading the wealth after burning her bra.

Basically these corporate teat sucking fetus loving sycophants want to fool the world into thinking that if the Boogeyman himself was Republican he could beat Obama.

What's that? No I'm pretty sure it's John Hannity, I know because my favorite blog at the Daily Kos said his name was John. Between that and the Daily Show who needs a corporatist enemy of the state like Faux News." Two sides to every story my foot, does a coin toss need two sides? Besides who doesn't use doubled headed coins these days?

Speaking of that, I'd tell you how I really feel about all of this, but I haven't turned on MSNBC yet.

The poll is from Gallup, but that's what they'll say.