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We Have Sacrificed Liberty for (Social) Security

Obama can't promise Social Security checks will go out August 3.

I find it hard to believe the president can't promise to deliver a lousy paycheck to old people, it's not exactly brain surgery...and ObamaCare promises everyone that!

Won't this finally put truth to the lie (for liberals only, conservatives have always known) that this "safety net" isn't so pay-as-you-go after all?

Since George W. Bush became president the wars have cost just over a trillion, and if you wanted to accept the liberal line that tax cuts are all cost and no gain the Bush tax cuts "cost" just under 3 trillion. The rest of it (about $4 trillion) is promises government never intended to keep.

Even if we could wave a magic wand for liberals, and will away the wars and the tax cuts, the debt still would have increased by trillions, yet that's all they want to talk about is we wouldn't be in this mess but for George W. Bush.

PSSSH! We've sacrificed liberty for (social) security, and just like Benjamin Franklin promised we are now getting neither. This is what the country gets for trusting the snake oil of liberal fiscal floozies, and now their solution is to blame the victims for not forking over enough money.

If liberals want to prevent this fight from happening in the future they should brainwash kids into thinking that money packs on the calories and that we should leave the handling of it to them. After all, isn't that what Michelle Obama is doing to them with their diet?

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A Shovel Ready Job Obama Opposed?

That, and more from today's Newsbusted.

I've heard of the remake Jodi was talking about!!!

I actually just recently had a conversation with my wife about Welcome Back Kotter. She thought the title was "Carter." I only knew it wasn't because Gabe Kaplan was going to perform at a performing arts theatre I worked for years ago, and I learned about him when I was making the marketing materials for the show.

Obviously, we're not children of the 70's. I say that with as much longing as my daughter will lament that she has no recollection of Obama's presidency because she was barely 2 years old when he was dutifully replaced.

If you're offended by that because you thought the 70's were awesome, relax, it's just my opinion. So untwist your bell bottoms and go buy some real pants.

I wonder how many people who were around to vote for Carter actually voted for Obama. Those Charlie Browns must have the kind of PTSD that gives them seizures every time they watch football and see an attempt at a field goal by now.

h/t ThoseShirts for the image

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Everything Has To Be About Obama, Even A New Arctic Species

If you're having trouble reading it click the image to view a larger version.

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A Flow Chart To Help Better Understand Democrats

You can get this design on t-shirts (here) at my online store.

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Reasons People Should Be A Democrat

This is satire. I have to say that because I went to college, and I know it could very easily be mistaken as serious.

The video above is ostensibly a response to the video below, which is NOT is satire, and if I didn't tell you it would be impossible to know the difference.

My favorite lines are that a government is supposed to take care of it's citizens, and the girl whose grandfather pulled himself up by his own bootstraps, worked his tail off to attain the career of being an attorney, and then a judge, and then taught his granddaughter that there is 0.0000 inches of distance between him an a janitor.

You'll see no disagreement here, that is what their party is about.

Don't get me wrong, being a janitor is hard work because you have to scrub toilets all day long, but that doesn't take any education, anyone can do it.

To be a liberal attorney one goes through a grueling years long education of the law, because like every other profession that thrives on creativity, liberals have to know the rules before knowing how to break them.

That education comes in handy when the time comes for them to go to sleep, I'm assuming they develop the skills to scrub their minds clean in law school, and they're just as dirty as a toilet, if...not.....dirtier....

I kind of see what the girl is trying to say now. Notice how she used janitor as a point of comparison, and not a landscaper, or housekeeper, or burger flipper, or Forever 21 clothes rack jockey.

The only logical conclusion to be drawn from this is that those jobs are indeed better.

Thanks College Democrats, for demonstrating why I'm a conservative.

h/t Moonbattery for the videos.

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Maybe Obama Really Is The Liberal Messiah...

On the eve of a critical White House summit on the debt issue, Boehner (R-Ohio) told Obama that their plan to “go big,” in the speaker’s words, and forge a compromise that would save more than $4 trillion over the next decade, was crumbling under Obama’s insistence on significant new tax revenue.

From The Washington Post

For years liberals have been bent on applying messianic imagery to Obama...they can add this to their collection...

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Riddles About Liberals

Many of these have been inspired by previous writings. Some are totally new. Some are ones I probably haven't been the first one to think of, but they're all from me.

Fair warning, some are more R-rated than others. Click on "Answer" to reveal

If you have one put it in the comments!


If you're having the same problem seeing the answers as Stephany did in the comments. Click here to see a version of the post with the answers


Q: Which pick for VP is the only no-brainer for both parties?

Q: What do you get when you combine Joe Biden, fast food, and a 10 dollar bill?

Q: Why does Obama golf so much?

Q: What is the difference between Joe Biden's credit card and his library card?

Q: What kind of party will there be at the Ground Zero Mosque opening?

Q: What kind of cure, paradoxically, scares gay men to death?

Q: What is the one thing liberals need to sustain their dishonesty?

Q: What is the only thing lower than Obama's approval rate?

Q: Why did Biden think he was a member of the Tea Party?

Q: If liberals take what they love most, and switch the vowels, they'll get the home of who they hate most. What is the word?

Q: What do you get when you combine liberal ideas with Sham-wow?

Q: What did Tiger Woods blame his marital infidelity on most?

Q: What is the most vile four-letter profanity ever uttered on a Planned Parenthood operating table?

Q: How does Biden feel about legalizing gay marriage?

Q: Why is Obama so upset about 9% unemployment?

Q: Why should the constitution be required reading in Congress?

Q: Why didn't Anthony Weiner's wife leave him?

Q: When will Nancy Pelosi stop going green?

Q: What will Hillary Clinton be for the Halloween before the 2012 election?

Q: What did Al Gore call his love child with Mother Nature?

Q: A New York Times poll found 9 in 10 Tea Party members want to replace Obama in 2012. What do the 1 in 10 want?

Q: Even though it was unpopular in the polls, why did Obama insist on passing ObamaCare?

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Two Things We Learned From The Worsening Jobs Numbers

There are a couple of things we can glean from the latest jobs numbers...

  1. The old media must've started consuming more conservative new media, because not once did the New York Times say the numbers were "unexpected" or "surprising." They must know we've been calling them out on it, because you can only be surprised so many times before that kind of news puts you to sleep reading it after submitting a dozen resume's on Craigslist to employers who want 10 years of experience and will pay you a dollar an hour for each year you have under your belt.

    They did use "stunned" because oil prices went down = more jobs when you're an economist that hasn't seen the outside of a school in a long time. Granted, I was the exception to the rule that 30 cents a gallon less in gas did allow me to hire someone full time, with benefits, to watch my paychecks to them bounce so hard gravity said "ouch."

    Turns out lower gas prices didn't prevent me from overextending my efficacy to employ. If I held a phD in economics this would stun me.

  2. Plouffe! BE GONE!
  3. One of Obama's top guys, David Plouffe, said that unemployment wont be a factor in Obama's reelection. Romney says that he would've fired the guy for saying that.

    Pssh...Mormons...that's not even a real polical party. Can I get a hell yiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi from my Libslamists?

    So jobs will have nothing to do with Obama losing next year, its nice to know the presidents coaches employ little league psychology in the Oval Office. Gold star sticker makers must be really hoping for an uptick in kids being potty trained, because the recession is going to hit them really hard if when Obama loses.
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The Greatest (And Most Overlooked) Global Warming Deniers Of Them All

Liberals have spent so much time worry about global warming deniers on the right that they forgot to keep an eye on the most powerful deniers of all, thermometers.

The National Academy of Sciences recently published a paper explaining why Al Gore's hypocrisy is a dish best served hot. Apparently, global warming needs all the help it can get, because in the last decade there really hasn't been any change in the climate.

Isn't it funny what liberals decide they want to effect change on? The federal deficit needs more taxes like Obama needs another tee time, and they can't even raise enough to cover it, but they are in complete denial of the need to fundamentally reform entitlements.

Meanwhile they think Mother Nature can be controlled like the....knobs on her chest....are controls to a big thermostat.

It's not conservatives that liberals should be worried about when it comes to "denying" climate change. It's the science they so ardently defend with religious zeal, and claim the right is at war with.

If conservatives seem to be at war with science then I'll spell out what is really happening...F-R-I-E-N-D-L-Y F-I-R-E

I've never understood the debate over whether or not climate change is happening. I've always been more interested in whether or not it's actually bad...

Maybe global warming sucked for woolly mammoths, but it ain't good enough to heat Al Gore's pool. So if you really want to keep count, Gore's chicken little attitude toward his life's work would make him very close second to "science" in the race to deny it's seriousness.

Conservatives aren't even a distant third here, we're more like critical spectators sitting in the bleachers.


For those who are interested, the above design is available for stickers (here) and t-shirts (here) at my online store. Add a comment

Liberalism's "Tantalizing" Solution For The Debt Ceiling Is Actually Really Gross

Remember when George W. Bush....after using it's reflection to groom his Hitler stash...would wave his scepter and declare stuff conservatives didn't like unconstitutional?

Law professors, Democratic senators and liberal commentators have recently raised a tantalizing possibility for ending the congressional wrangling over raising the federal limit on borrowing:

President Obama could simply declare the debt ceiling unconstitutional and be done with it.

Advocates of this approach cite the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, which states that the “validity of the public debt of the United States...shall not be questioned.”

From The Washington Post

What an explosive revelation to make after decades of raising the limit. Now that liberals have their backs are against the wall of accountability their strategy is to say the rule shouldn't exist in the first place?!?

This is the line of the 14th amendment they think allows them to steamroll through the ceiling and continue to pile debt ad infinitum, the part in the "..." that the Washington Post conveniently left out of their report is actually the most important part....

The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.

Even if you don't want to take the narrow view that this was an attempt to deal with post Civil War debt. Even if you wanted to ignore the fact that this was so unimportant that it was placed at the very end of the amendment. There is nothing in that language, even generally speaking, that says capping the debt is unconstitutional, especially since everything below the cap, an act of Congress signed into law by the president, is "authorized by law" and EVERYTHING ABOVE IT ISN'T.

If they wanted to hide behind the skirt of 14th amendment, then liberals should look for inspiration in their pandering to Hispanics by waiting until the debt crashes through the ceiling. Then they can declare the ensuing illegal debt anchored to debt that came before it. Then we could fight over debt amnesty.

Liberals could accuse the GOP of wanting to heartlessly send money back to the communist tyranny from whence it came (China, if you're having trouble keeping up). This would actually lead to a watershed moment in American politics to get liberals to forsake condemning anything to a communist state, at least until someone in the GOP comes up with the brilliant endgame strategy of changing the name of the "dollar" into "little Elians."

Then it all goes back, at gunpoint. It's a win-win for the country, because the GOP gets their way while liberals still get to conveniently suspend disbelief in at least one portion of the Constitution.

That logic would still cause Kotex stumping nose bleeds, but it would at least make a lot more sense.

This entire argument takes liberalism's infantile view of the Constitution to a whole new level. Even Obama isn't willing to go along with it because if feces would stink less and hold more nutritional value than this leftist logic.

That is what qualifies as "tantilizing" in liberal circles these days...feces excrement.


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