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When Saying "Dick" Is So Much More Offensive Than Tweeting One

You know we are in a slooooooooooooooooooooooooow news cycle when the big news of the day is that MSNBC suspended commentator Mark Halperin IN-DEF-IN-ITE-LY LY ly ly ly <---(if text could echo) for calling Obama a "dick" on the show "Morning Joe."

This brings to light two burning question American's must have answered....First, WHO IS MARK HALPERIN?

Yeah I've heard of the guy, but this seriously could have gone totally unnoticed because it happened on MSNBC, a channel the even NBC has to be reminded exists, and the guy is a household name in his household only (I'm assuming).

The other burning question is, what did he do wrong?

Scarborough and Morning Joe Executive Producer Alex Korson said they were sorry for what happened.

“Certainly, [host] Mika [Brzezinski] and I also apologize to viewers,” Scarborough said. “And we hear this all the time — parents come up and say, ‘Hey, by the way, we don’t just watch the show, our kids watch the show.’”

From Politico

It's nice that Morning Joe's audience allows their kids to watch the show. Most camera crews don't take their family to work, so I could understand why they wouldn't want them to hear that Obama is any four letter word...but isn't he one?

If there was a third burning question it would have to be whether or not the word was offensive, or if MSNBC just didn't like Halperin's target.

Sometimes, I have to wonder if these things happen as stunts to help double the number of viewer <---(not a typo) they have. In the end don't think this would be news, even in a slow news cycle like this, if the president was Republican.