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Newt Gingrich Implodes, and Conservative Wisdom on Weiner's Marriage

While it hasn't been all Weiner all the time, I really do need to move on to more important how Newt Gingrich might want to cancel any future vacations until he's as certain as we are he will never win the GOP nomination for president.

Really Newt? Why are you going to Greece NOW. Is Paul Ryan over there trying to help them out, and begging for party poopers to join him? Was not eating the deposit on your cruise worth punting a run for president?

Wow, I was once a huge fan of him running too.....sigh......Ok, back to Weiner.


The friend at Free Republic, SERKIT, who inspired this post for me shared that he is on a roll inspiring conservative bloggers following this quote regarding Weiner's marriage.

A wedding where a Jew is marrying a Muslim, officiated by an impeached President...What could go wrong?"

h/t OpiniPundit.