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Top 10 Bombshells About Anthony Weiner

I've got to be honest, I'm ready to talk about something else....but this SOB brought it back to the forefront by admitting he did, in fact, Tweet his junk. Then he releases the bombshell that his wife is now I'm not done yet either...


10. His birth certificate shows his real first and middle names, respectively, are Oscar and Mayer...

9. He hates smart phones because they often refuse to send out his pictures.

8. Even though he's a committed Mets fan, he has been repeatedly caught "liking" The Yankees on Facebook.

7. He was one of the before models for Extense...and the only adult they ever hired for that job.

6. Every mistress, even the ones who only tweeted with him once, has received a copy of Norton's antivirus.

5. There's a rock solid reason he never shares his "tic tacs."

4. He once described his "unit" as "the only conservative bone" in his body.

3. He paid a video game company to make a computer generated version of himself that could have sex with Lara Croft...she turned him down.

2. As a teen he exposed himself so much his female classmates referred to him as "The Big Apple."

1. Weiner owns the patent to Shake Weight.