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Osama Bin Laden Hated Us For Helping Him Beat The Soviets...

That and more liberal logic (hey, did you know that liberal opinions are "objective?") in another homerun by Battlefield315.

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Was Trump A Child Star?

Just wondering...

It would explain a lot. Maybe he should come clean, then he can tie himself to Reagan's destiny.

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Do Liberals Really Think Osama bin Laden's Death Erases ALL of Obama's Failures?

In these tough times we live in it's really cute how Alexander Burns over at Politico is trying his hand at comedy. He wrote this wildly hilarious piece about how Obama has "dashed" his Jimmy Carter label because he got Osama bin Laden.

That's a knee slapper, right? Oh wait, that was just the setup. Here's the punchline.

[E]ven if [Osama bin Laden] is caught tomorrow, it is five years too late. He has done more damage the longer he has been out there. But, in fact, the damage that he has done … is done. And even to capture him now I don't think makes us any safer.

-Nancy Pelosi, September 7, 2006


The death of Osama bin Laden marks the most significant development in our fight against al-Qaida. … I salute President Oblahblah...

Nancy Pelosi, May 3, 2011

(via Michelle Malkin....that last part about President "Oblahblah" may have been me, editorializing)

By her own admission, when she wanted the country to make her speaker, not only is this achievement insignificant, it's actually totally meaningless.

The guys at Politico didn't get that message, they think the death of bin Laden is the messiah's messiah, AND-HE-HAS-BEEN-SAVED!

How did they know that conservatives were only saying Obama was like Jimmy Carter because Osama bin Laden was still alive. We really thought people would mistakenly think we were talking about the ENTIRE package:

    Quick, somebody tell Biden private sector jobs is more than just porn.

    His feckless handling of the economy with stimulus that did anything but focus on the real engine of economic growth, private sector jobs.

    His ineffectual Arab world grovel-fest in Cairo, the only thing missing from that speech was him giving it in a burka.

    Using the presidency as a platform to lobby for the Olympics to come to Chicago, and he couldn't even get a gold star for it.

    His failure to get world leaders to fawn over him at the global warming summit in Copenhagen (which took place during record cold temperatures) like he was the cause of it.

    The underwear bomber getting Miranda rights before he could say "that's not a bomb in my pants, I'm just happy to see Allah's virgins."

    Cat-like? Is that like calling him a pussy?

    Remember his lightning fast cat-like reflexes when BP made history by electing the Gulf Coast to be the first half-black ocean in American History.

    The Times Square bomber (I forget, even though they got their guy is the Tea Party still a suspect in that case?).

    His pathological need to pander to the nations chiropractor demographic by constantly bowing before other world leaders.

    The only thing hands on about his leadership is the grip of his golf club.

    Drill Brazil... when in polite company

    Issuing a moratorium on our offshore drilling so he could don the mantle of President DB.

    His support for a mosque at Ground Zero so Jeremiah Wright can finally point to an actual place where America's chickens are roosting.

Lets not even forget that there is no precedence for military successes to lock up reelection for an incumbent president. If that were the case Bill Clinton would've been a footnote in history thanks to Bush 41's approval skyrocketed way past where Obama is now after whooping Saddam Hussein.

I know when writing "articles" designed to rehabilitate a president it's hard to see reality when your point of view comes from the inside of said president's ass, but the fact is the only thing about Obama that conservatives weren't putting him on the Carter pedestal for was failing to kill Osama bin Laden.

It is interesting, though, to know that until now liberals didn't exactly disagree with the notion that we was Carter's reincarnation. That they think that "phase" is over is now just the latest addition to the LONG list of things they're wrong about.

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Roasting President Obama

After watching some video from the White House Correspondence dinner last weekend I thought it might be fun to put together a "roast" Obama should get instead of the softball (yet absolutely hilarious, and is in no way trying to outdo the very professional) offering Seth Myers gave...

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Happy Mother's Day

As I enter my fourth month of fatherhood I've come to realize that I have no flippin' clue how anybody raises a kid on their own. I know I sure as hell can't do this without my AWESOME wife.

If you're a single mom, or the mother of a solider serving abroad, my hat is off to you. You're a TROOPER.

This day isn't just for them...Happy Mothers Day to all mothers. Families would fall apart without you.

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The Ubama Bunch

This is a companion to this post.

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Osama vs Usama, How Do You Spell It?

For all these years we've been told it's "Osama," like he's part Irish. Now I've been seeing Fox News (and other news sources I'm sure) using "Usama." I've had a friend on Facebook ask me what the proper spelling is. Apparently it's both, so I devised a way to help people figure out which version should be used.

**UPDATE** Check out the companion to this post here.

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What Obama's Ground Zero Visit Looks Like, 4 Months Later...

A tale of two victory laps...

If you don't know about the GZM you can learn more at No Mosque At Ground Zero, and Atlas Shrugs.

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Osama's Final Message From Beyond...

Liberals thought it was heaven

When I learned of Osama's death I said he should R.I.H....some people thought the "h" was "hillbillies," others thought "Heather Locklear," which would really bend him out of shape after counting and recounting only 71 virgins.

Others yet thought it was Hervana, which is Nirvana for Buddhist chicks, which is what I read on Wikipedia after I posted it.

Steven Crowder knew what I was getting at.

A lot of people have admonished me for wishing Osama is in Hell. I want to clear the air. I don't wish he's there. I'm ASSUMING he is. I've made educated guesses in my life that haven't panned out, like when I thought even a socialist wouldn't try universal health care with the kind of deficits we have....ha...ha...ha...

I'm not the judge, I'm not a judge. I'm not even qualified to pick out what I'm going to wear to work much less which souls are "in" and which ones are "out." However, I think this is a guess that will probably hold water. Part of me wants to be wrong, because if non-Christian mass murderers don't go to Hell then I'm going to loosen up my life a bit and add jaywalking to my bucket list.

h/t IMAO for the video

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Obama The Pacifist

That's a guy who sells pacifiers...right?

Obama iSuck by crApple

Click the image to see a larger version.

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