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What's The Difference Believing In Liberalism Over Rapture?

I know there was a lot of mocking and hoopla about the rapture last weekend. Well, I want to say the world mocked this guy, but the news reports and constant chatter about it revealed an uneasy sense of "what if."

Like many, I knew that it was nothing to worry about. So I paid no attention to this quack, Harold Camping, who now is saying he was off by a few months. kidding....this guy should give up "preaching" and become a politician.

All serious Christians knew this guy was full of it...

But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.
-Mark 13:32

And if the words of Jesus aren't enough, consider that Family Radio, at least in 2009, has assets valued over $100 million in total. Nothing says the end is near better than hoarding paper, right?

In the end kooks like this are ignored by all but a few unlucky dupes, but too many of us who ignore Harold Camping aren't any more enlightened for it. How many broken promises of utopia do we have to hear from liberals before we start treating Washington DC with the same disbelief that we give greedy apocalypse-mongers?

They're essentially doing the same thing. If we don't take (fill in the taxpayer funder boondoggle here) then the sun wont shine again, rainbows will go on strike, Nancy Pelosi will age "gracefully" and Barney Frank may give women a try. It would get THAT bad.

When we see how much of a drain the government becomes to our way of life, and someone like Paul Ryan comes along to address that problem, those same liberals might as well put on a Harold Camping mask when they "argue" it's defense.

It's a win-win for liberal gays, turning ass they can believe in into one big "fruit for all"

How much bigger does government need to grow? How much more debt do we have to incur? How much more money needs to be wasted on bureaucracy? How many times does the welfare state need to be discredited before the nation realizes that the Democratic party should change it's mascot from a donkey to a lemon?

Liberalism has had Harold Camping's track record for 70 years and counting. President Obama has a nasty habit of going on "trips" and vacations during massive natural disasters. Maybe he should finally take a vacation from his ideology.