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Biden Wants You To Keep Him In Mind For 2016

While guys like Bill Kristol are still "waiting for Superman" with the GOP presidential field. Biden is telling Dems to...

Vice President Joe Biden surprised a gathering of donors in Cincinnati last week when he floated the prospect of his succeeding President Barack Obama in the White House.

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..."wait for Stuporman"

I know that actually a quite an unspecific request for the Democratic party. Then again, maybe not anymore. This is a guy who blew it two other times running for president, and was chosen to be the VP for his foreign policy credentials <--(name one thing he's done in this department since 1-20-09) to help make Obama look even mildly mature enough to be the top guy.

This guy's primary primary opponent would be his mouth, and we'd have the birth certficate situation all over again, only instead of a piece of paper people would demand proof the guy has a brain in that head of his.

Don't even get me started on his running mate...

And he wants to try again in 2016?!?

iOwnTheWorld has a Biden for President slogan contest going on, check it out and enter your suggestion. I've got humble offerings, including "waiting for Stuporman" and the following:

    No matter how deep Soros's hand goes I'll still say what I want.

    Biden-Tourettes 2016

    Damn, prezident is way harder to spell than VP

    I may be a step down from Obama, but it's a baby step.

    Keep the hop and chainj comin'.

    You'll never see me golf or play basketball because I can't do math

    I'll reduce our dependence of foreign oil by forcing Americans to pump their gas in f**kin' America!

    Make me the first VD to be prez since Bush.

    I put the "ass" in "U ASS A"

    Who wants to get shot with Stupid's arrow?

    Make me the next American Idle

A few of my favorites from iOwnTheWorld:

    Four words: Vote for me!

    Hugs For Plugs! 2012 & 2016

    ” Smarter than the average pear “

    Cleaner and articulater!

    Biden the bullet for America!

    SNL needs me

    Keep on PLUGGING 2016

    Biden 2016: It’s time for America to take a #2!

    I like the Oval Office. No one can tell me to sit in the corner.

    As seen on TV – just like FDR!


See the winners here, the grand prize winner is by far deserving of the distinction...