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Top 10 Newt Gingrich Campaign Slogans

Even though it's practically over before it started, I thought I would give this a shot. This post is probably the first one I've done that has something for both sides of the aisle...


10. To paraphrase the silver medalist in the 2004 presidential campaign. I was for the individual mandate before I was against it.

9. Who doesn't want a president with Janet Reno hair?

8. Horny as a three-wife RINO.

7. Doing with words what Trumps hair couldn't, disqualify myself.

6. It's time I got a new marriage certificate Contract with America.

5. At least I married MY intern.

4. America, I solemnly swear not to leave you on your deathbed for something younger and hotter, like China.

3. On inauguration day your new Vice President will have been running mate number three.

2. GOPublic Frenemy #1

1. Hey conservatives, prepare to get Newtered