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Osama's Final Message From Beyond...

Liberals thought it was heaven

When I learned of Osama's death I said he should R.I.H....some people thought the "h" was "hillbillies," others thought "Heather Locklear," which would really bend him out of shape after counting and recounting only 71 virgins.

Others yet thought it was Hervana, which is Nirvana for Buddhist chicks, which is what I read on Wikipedia after I posted it.

Steven Crowder knew what I was getting at.

A lot of people have admonished me for wishing Osama is in Hell. I want to clear the air. I don't wish he's there. I'm ASSUMING he is. I've made educated guesses in my life that haven't panned out, like when I thought even a socialist wouldn't try universal health care with the kind of deficits we have....ha...ha...ha...

I'm not the judge, I'm not a judge. I'm not even qualified to pick out what I'm going to wear to work much less which souls are "in" and which ones are "out." However, I think this is a guess that will probably hold water. Part of me wants to be wrong, because if non-Christian mass murderers don't go to Hell then I'm going to loosen up my life a bit and add jaywalking to my bucket list.

h/t IMAO for the video