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Obama's Sputnik Moment with Taxes

Frank J at IMAO has it right when he says we've really lost sight of the point of this whole freedom thing. President Obama doesn't waste anytime balancing out his victory over Osama bin Laden by bringing his "crappy president" meter back to 0 with his new proposal to tax on how much we drive.

"The power to tax is the power to destroy" is something people with a brain keep in mind every time the word comes up. That's why liberals love to play in that lion's den, they just don't get it.

Since I guess there is nothing off the table for the government to tax maybe we can put just more than our latest odometer reading on the table...


  • - Since vegetarians depress demand for beef they will be taxed in anticipation of scientists eventually figuring out the how important it really is to have methane in the atmosphere.
  • - Anyone who agrees to equal civil rights for animals must pay taxes on their behalf.
  • - Carbon credits will now be paid for with a tax on Global Warming summits held at 5 star resorts.
  • - Liberals who own private jets will be taxed by how much exhaust they emit into the air, and a fee will also be assessed for the planes exhaust.


  • - A tax will be assessed based on how much in tax collection the government missed out on over the life of the person that wasn't.
  • - If the "mother" was poor, a tax will also be assessed to offset the loss of public sector wages for prisons and schools that is caused by depressing demand for those services. (I didn't invent this, liberals are the ones that say this assumption is a valid reason some teenager in the inner city should abort her child)
  • - An Orwell tax will be applied to Planned Parenthood, since abortion has absolutely nothing to do with either part of that moniker.


  • - ABC would have no choice but to change "The View" to "The Elisabeth Hasselbeck Show."
  • - Joe Biden would now pay us to be Vice President.
  • - A $1000 dollar licensing fee will be required to purchase a bongo or any other object whose sole purpose is to tap or hit with no rhythm while wearing dreadlocks.
  • -Death penalty activism will be regulated and anyone who wants their voice heard can submit an essay that is 100 words or less on why they can't just pretend it's another late term abortion, and pay a $500 essay processing fee.
  • - Democrats can consider taxes on stupidity to be like "paying dues."


  • - The ambition levels of every American will be assessed and the world's first truly progressive tax system will be set up to tax Americans with lower ambition at higher levels.
  • - A tax will be assessed to every American that proposes a new tax that hinders liberty and freedom (this list is excluded, obviously)
  • - Put a tax on bad ideas, that way only good ideas, like this one, will see the light of day.
  • - Your own level of taxation will now be based on how much you think other people should pay.

All the stuff we can tax is certainly not limited to the above, the sky is the limit, really. If you want to be honest about it this is really one of those Sputnik moments Obama told us about.